Usually when you see a person who is very confident at public speaking or is very keen on putting forward their opinions, we think that he or she is absolutely suitable for being a lawyer just like our respected lawyer Sagar Suryawanshi Advocate He is a great lawyer and renowned social activist. sagar suryawanshi pune advocate has given a new and better direction to the Indian Law by pointing out various loopholes which many multinational companies were making misuse of. His confidence and knowledge has immensely benefited the country.

Knowledge and speaking confidently are the key skills that you need to become a successful lawyer and advocate. However, there are various other skills also that are required to be a successful lawyer and advocate. Let’s learn about them but before that let’s understand why a person chooses to study law. Also we will see how you can decide to choose between a three year Law or Five year Law programme.

Benefits of Studying Law:-

Though there are many professions and all are equally good. However when it comes to choosing legal. Professions such as law, there are certain benefits that give it an edge. The prime reason is this profession is not affected by the economy of the country. Hence, there is never a downfall of jobs and opportunities in this field. This many students these days choose their career option as Litigation. Following the same, they further become either advocates or lawyers.

However, these two are different from each other. If you are a lawyer i.e if you only have the law degree after three or five years of studying law, you cannot fight a case in the court. You can only do this if you are an advocate and to be one you need to pass the Bar Council of India exam.

How to become a lawyer?

The steps to be a successful lawyer or advocate involves numerous steps and lots of hard work. The steps are as follows:-

  • After qualifying your senior secondary, you can enrol yourself in a law college to do LLB at any given age.
  • The LLB programme can either be of 5 years and can vary from BBA LLB to B.Sc LLB depending upon the college.
  • For the three years LLB programme, you can enrol yourself in any law college post-graduation.

How to become an advocate?

Being a lawyer alone you cannot fight cases in court. For the same, you need to be an advocate. The steps to become an advocate are listed as below:-

  • First thing first, in order to become an advocate you need to register yourself in your state bar council.
  • Every state bar council has their own registration process.
  • To commence with this registration process, you need to fill a form which is available in the High Court of that state.
  • Post registering, an enrolment number is sent to you. The same enrolment number is being used for the exam conducted by the bar council of India.
  • This exam is known as AIBE and is conducted via the Bar Council of India.
  • Previously this used to be an open book exam, however after the recent changes only abreacts without notes are allowed.
  • Only after successfully passing this exam, you are certified to practice in a court and fight cases.

How to choose between a three year and five year LLB programme?

If you think that like some other professions, LLB degree too has an age limit. So, let me tell you it’s not like that. You can pursue this degree at any age. While choosing a carrier the decision may seem to be influenced by a lot of factors and hence can also change at any course of time. Therefore, after passing senior secondary school, if you are 100 % sure that you have to pursue only law, then you can enrol yourself in the five year degree plan. In this five year course, you will not only study the subjects related to law, but you will also study subjects related to BBA, B.Sc etc depending upon the choice of your degree.

However, if you have second thoughts about doing law, then you can first complete your graduation in your primary choice of field and then you can apply for a three year law school programme.


Law is a great profession and you can earn both money and fame in this profession. It also gives you an opportunity to stand for the truth and be a responsible citizen of the country just like sagar suryawanshi pune.