So, you have managed to complete the required number of hours of supervised driving through a combination of parental and driving instructor guidance, and you have logged everything in your book. Now it is time to shift focus toward some of the other important aspects of driving such as entering a freeway. 

The reference numbers and road rules while moving on freeways are:

130 – Keep left on a multi-lane route

148 – Give way when switching from one marked line of traffic or lane to another one

152 – Follow the overhead lane rule devices

177 – Stop on the freeway

178 – Stop in an emergency stopping in the lane.

What should you know when entering a freeway?

You need to be careful about entering a freeway. Look for traffic on the road and the gap between the vehicles. You must search for the right opening, signal, and pick up the pace to get to the freeway. 

Merging into a Freeway

You need to enter the freeway at the posted speed limit. You will be taught a lot of valuable techniques when you attend your LTrent Driving Lessons. 

What not to do when merging a freeway?

If you do not see any space, it is better that you slow down. Wait for a gap before accelerating to the freeway. Never stop at the end of the road or gap, as you do not get enough space to accelerate and enter the road. 

Speed for entering a freeway

The max speed is 65 mph for freeways. You need to signal to alert other drivers on the road before you merge and continue doing so till you’ve entered the freeway. 

Safe things to do before exiting a freeway 

  • Plan to merge to your destination. Continue reading the signs for your exit and remaining distance
  • Follow the exit speed limit
  • Signal while changing lanes

Common Mistakes While Merging a Freeway

It is a must to signal for more than 5 seconds before exiting the freeway. For backing up with one-handed steering, it is best to make full right or left turns. Reduce the speed if the road is packed with other vehicles or rains too heavily.  

Exiting a highway

While exiting a highway, one needs to get into the exit lane. Make sure you do not slow down after moving into the exit lane.

Using transit lanes

  • It has a transit lane sign, and you could drive in it only if:
  • There are more than two persons in a vehicle in the T2 transit lane
  • You are driving a taxi, bus, tram, or motorcycle
  • There are more than three persons in a vehicle on the T3 transit lane
  • You want to make a turn up to 100 meters

Some of the other valuable tips while driving on freeways are as follows:

  • Maintain Safe Distance
  • Make Sure You Remain Visible
  • Stay Focused
  • Keep Left
  • Keep an Eye on Heavy Vehicles

Lastly, always maintain the required speed limit and focus while driving on a highway.