Robloxians frequently look for simple methods to earn badges hidden. The badges are a proof that the user is an expert and not a novice player and increase the credibility. But, getting the badges that are marked within Roblox isn’t a simple task.

The players must take part in the game, and succeed in the challenges and then investigate the locations on the game map to locate those badges. Recently the marker badge Runner Marker has been popular among players in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the United States.

A lot of players are on the internet to find Roblox’s Roblox Runner Marker.

What exactly is Marker in Roblox? Marker on Roblox?

The Runner Marker is one of the badges that was launched through Markers Epic Members for the Roblox platform. The badge for markers was updated last week on January 25, 2022. The name says it all the badge worn by runners is a proof of that you have walked a certain number of miles. that you took on.

This Runner Marker Badge is available to players who have walked 1000 studs and it is concealed on the map of the game, which players have to locate while playing.

When you’ve completed walking 1000 studs, your badge will be unlocked, and you have to locate it on the map in the game.

How Do I Find Roblox’s Runner Marker?

As previously mentioned, unlocking markers on Roblox isn’t an easy process. Users have trouble exploring and unlocking the marker badges on the map of the game. Here are some useful suggestions to help you locate how to unlock and access your Runner Marker Badge in the game.

  • After you have walked 1000 studs, you have to go through the map of the game.
  • It is necessary to locate the game’s keyboard.
  • Input”DIFFICULTY” in the search box “DIFFICULTY.”
  • Hit”Enter. “Enter” click.
  • When you have completed the steps above, you are transferred to another site.
  • It is important to engage in a game that is of a hard to moderate difficulty or challenges.
  • Once you’ve completed the game, you will be able to see the Roblox Runner Marker.
  • You can unlock the badge by clicking it. Then, you can lock it to use later.

The steps you need to follow to gain access to your Runner Marker Badge. Watch the video tutorials online on how to get the badge aren’t sure.

What do players have To Say?

After looking through, we came across several tutorial videos online with lots of feedback. A lot of players and professional gamers have shared the tutorial in order to assist others to find how to access the Roblox Runner Marker.

According to comments that players are able for them to get the badge by following the steps explained in these videos. The comments from users indicated that the video tutorials were useful, which is why users should use these tutorials to locate how to get the badge.


Marker Runner of Markers Epic members is the most popular badge available on Roblox. A lot of players are drawn to the badge and are eager to learn how to locate and unlock this badge on Roblox.

The steps above will assist you in locating and unlocking the Roblox Runner Marker. You can also follow the video tutorials available in order to gain access on Roblox.