The article discusses the Ruins Greatsword Ring and elaborates on the details of it and how to locate it.

There are a variety of games to play on the internet today, because online. It’s made it simpler for players to discover the vast array of games available and test their skill. One of the games that has attracted the attention of players across the globe are Elden Ring, which is an action-based role-playing game.

There are many advantages and benefits are available to players in the course of the game. One of these features includes The Ruins Greatsword Ring, which aids in the creation of more magical damage.

Also, learn more about these features below.

What is Elden Ring?

A role-playing game or RPG in which George R Martin directs and Hidetaka Miyazaki co-creates with. The game is played worldwide and can be played from the perspective of a third party. In addition, it offers the best terrain for exploration and exciting battle sequences.

In this game, players are required to explore the areas the area between Elden Ring, which comprises its six main regions as well as castles, fortresses and catacombs. In the following section, we’ll explain more in depth about Elden Ring Ruins Greatsword Build and the features it offers.

Describing More About The Greatsword Ring

  • The Greatsword ruin is among the 10 Legendary Armaments available in the game.
  • This weapon can help build strength , which in turn assists players in staying alive during the game.
  • Additionally, the ring can be obtained after defeating Starscourge Radahn in the middle of the game.
  • Furthermore, it is regarded as difficult as the whole process is challenging by the participants to engage in.
  • You must take on Radahn, the starscourge Radahn and convince Witch Hunter Jerren on returning to the Redmane Castle.

Ruins Greatsword Ring – A Guide To Find It

After speaking with Jerren it is your responsibility to finish him off and then restart the area. Then, you have to take on the two bosses in the plaza. This includes Misbegotten Warrior and Crucible Knight by using the sword and shield.

After defeating both of them, the winner is presented with the Ruins Greatsword after a winning.

Perks Of The Sword

It is extremely damaged when it comes near the gravity range by a windup that is short. In addition, to build the Elden Ring Ruins Greatsword Build it is required to have the following items:

  • 50 points of savageness for one hand as well as 34 for a two-hand build
  • 16 Intelligence to wield the sword
  • A high level of endurance is required to be able to do the work of armour heavier and a complete combo.

Final Conclusion

Ruins Greatsword Ruins Greatsword is known for its Colossal Sword and moveset, that allows for sweeping arcs when using light attacks, and for those that are more heavy forward hammers. The player must to accomplish various actions and defeat two bosses that are located at the boss gate in order to get this sword for a prize, and as a mark of success.

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