YouTube star Benjamin Robert Simon, aka Ruben Sim, is now facing an action against Roblox Corporation after using a fake terrorist threat to disrupt Roblox Developers Conference. Roblox Developers Conference. A YouTuber in the United States has been accused of launching what appears to be the cybermob.

According to the suit the false terrorist threats made by Ruben Sim caused developers to suspend the conference for a short period. Today, the renowned game platform has filed a lawsuit seeking $1.6 million in compensation from the influencer to cover the damage he has caused.

Because Simon is the chief in the online mob who engages in illegal activities The Ruben Sim Lawsuit is being brought against him.

Who is Ruben Sim?

Ruben Sim has become a well-known YouTube user and creator of videos. He is also a popular influencer. The real name of his creator is Benjamin Robert Simon. Simon gained fame as an influencer following the videos on Roblox videos were well-liked and loved by users.

He’s originally from America. United States and began his online career in the year 2010. He was able to accumulate 766 000 subscribers to YouTube. He is most well-known for making videos that explain the gameplay of Roblox games.

What is the Ruben Sim Lawsuit All About?

According to the sources and news, Roblox Corporation filed a lawsuit against Ruben Sim, the YouTube creator and influencer, Ruben Sim on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2021. Sources also confirmed that the suit contains a variety of allegations regarding Ruben Sim, such as inappropriate behaviour on the platform as well as inflicting harassment on users of the platform.

Roblox Corporation also alleged that the creator was able to use of the website by using various fake accounts, and that he was a tyrant to the employees. Roblox suspects that its creator may have used a fake IP address to access the device.

There are a myriad of other allegations against the creator discussed within the Ruben Sim Lawsuit.

What are the Damages Caused by Ruben Sim?

The lawsuit claims that Simon has constantly urged all of his followers to utilize the strategies he recommends to combat the bans placed by Roblox. The activity became even more alarming to the platform after users reported receiving threats reminiscent of terrorists.

Roblox was accused by Ruben Sim of posing threats that resemble terrorists against it and users. According to reports, the activities of the creator are intended to block this developer event temporarily that was originally scheduled for October 2021.

It is also stated that the Ruben Sim Lawsuit is also a statement that the creator of YouTube urged his followers to re-create the active shooting that occurred in 2018 at YouTube’s headquarters. The lawsuit is currently in review, but you might be notified of any updates on YouTube’s official Twitteraccount.

What is the way Ruben Sim respond in the Lawsuit?

The creator of YouTube’s content, Ruben Sim, finally addressed the allegations through his twitter account the 24th November 2021. He stated that after the lawsuit is settled the creator will release the complete statement.

He’s still making videos for his followers, which he included the information in his tweet.


After the threat of Ruben Sim The developer conference was closed for a time, while the private security company and the police were looking into the location. Today, the Ruben Sim Lawsuit is being filed by Roblox to help cover the cost.

The developer conference was able to incur about $50 000 in costs to investigate the incident and security of the venue. In order to pay for this, Roblox sued Ruben Sim and demanded $1.6 million.