When shipping a car internationally, you must choose between containerized and Ro-Ro. The first one is rather straightforward; your vehicle will be stored inside of a regular container that is either 20 or 40 feet long. In contrast, a lot of individuals may not be familiar with the word “Ro-Ro,” which means “roll-on, roll-off.”

Let’s look at Ro-Ro shipping, the cost to ship a car, and the advantages of Ro-Ro vs containerized shipping when shipping your car internationally.

What is Ro-Ro Shipping, exactly?

Ro-Ro, in broad terms, refers to any type of shipping in which a car is driven onto a boat or ship rather than being lifted onto it with a crane.

This broad definition covers cargoes such as:

  • Regular passenger ferry services are used by tourist coaches and cars.
  • Private cars that are being shipped to/for their owners
  • Car manufacturers and retailers ship huge fleets of brand new cars.
  • Small trucks, lorries and articulated lorries that are loaded with goods or with container cargo at the scene.

These are all Ro-Ro shipping methods, however, we will concentrate on private vehicle movements for the purposes of this article.

How are cars loaded onto Roro Ships?

Ro-Ro vessels of today are highly technologically advanced and employ highly qualified specialist staff to ensure that vehicles are properly stowed in the safest configuration. They are also securely fastened in place. After aligning the car nose-to–bumper and bow–to–stern, secure lashing the vehicle to the deck using straps that attach to eyelets on deck.

How much does it cost to ship a car from Ghana to Ghana?

Shipping a car from USA to Ghana will cost around $1130 from Newark, NJ, Baltimore, MD, Savannah, GA, Jacksonville, FL, and Freeport, TX. These are estimates only. The actual cost of your order will depend on many factors, including:

  • It doesn’t matter what method you choose to bring your car to the U.S. ports. Some people choose to drive their car to port. It is less expensive. Others live too far away from the nearest port so choose our truck drivers to transport the car from their house to the port. This will increase the final cost.
  • The vehicle’s dimensions. A larger vehicle will generally cost more to ship than a smaller car. For example, an SUV is more expensive than a small car.
  • The location from which your car will be shipped. It is cheaper to ship from the East Coast rather than the West Coast. If you are leaving from Maryland, it will likely be less expensive than Texas.

Price is determined by many factors. It is difficult to predict how much you will end up paying until you know the specific details about the vehicle you are driving.

We will want to know where you plan to get it, what part of the country it is from, and what shipping method you prefer. This information will help us estimate costs better.

Shipping Requirements

For international shipping, particularly to Ghana, it is crucial that you know the make, year, and model of your vehicle. These statistics will help you determine your vehicle’s dimensions. They will also give you an idea of the space it will take up when you ship it. It is important to note that Customs officials won’t allow vehicles over 10 years old into Ghana when shipping.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency may require documentation before they can depart. A bill of sale or original bill will suffice.

You will need to provide a current title in order to prove that there are not any liens on the vehicle. This allows you to export it from the country. You must obtain from the lienholder a notarized authorization that allows you to export the vehicle from the country if there are any outstanding liens.

Ro-Ro Shipping – Is it right for you?

Ro-Ro shipping from USA to Ghana is the best way for you to move your vehicle from USA to Ghana

It’s simple

You just need to drive your car from your home to the port of departure. We don’t need to collect your car several days before, like if we were shipping it in a container. However, we can still pick up your car if necessary.

It’s affordable

Ro-Ro shipping is usually cheaper than using containers.

It’s fast

Many cars can be transported by regular weekly services. This eliminates the need to book space on a containership.

It’s versatile

Ro-Ro ships can carry all kinds of vehicles, including private cars as well buses, lorries ambulances, trucks, diggers, and tractors. In fact, most handlers will have special deck areas ready for these cargoes. For maximum flexibility, these areas might even include height-adjustable floors or ceilings.

Remember, RoRo Car Shipping requires that your vehicle is capable of rolling on and off of the ship. If you’re shipping a vintage car, container shipping might be the best option.