Astrology is derived from Astra (Greek word meaning star) and logos (a Greek word meaning logic or reason). It is a study of how the placement of celestial bodies influences the lives of human beings. As per facts, the earliest organized system of astrology is Babylonian astrology (over 2000 years ago).

In This Contemporary World, Do You Think We Need Astrology?

Astrology helps human beings in planning their future, according to astrologers in Chennai. The astrological remedies aid in lowering the impact of malefic earthly effects on an individual’s birth chart, also harnessing the senses ruled by the benefic planets.

Astrology observes the power of celestial bodies on nature and humans alongside the influences it might bring about. About 180 planets have been recognized. However, only 7 have a significant impact on earth and life. Rahu and Ketu were also later found to be playing a part in human life and were examined by astrology experts.

The concept of astrology gives faith, relief, and an in-depth interpretation of the world we know. Interpretations usually give guarantees of anyone’s future. Still, more significantly, they are believed to exhibit a way to solve our problems and perk up our bond with friends, family members, and partners and are primarily tools for meeting ourselves and finding our inner spheres in a different light.

Astrology can be a lifesaver as it allows humans to be aware of what will happen next. Whether you wish to believe the suggestion and safety measures recommended in an astrological reading, it all depends on your choice.

Our birth potential and the influences of the celestial bodies on our horoscope are the two main aspects that astrology considers. It can aid us in deciding on the ideal career for having a successful life.

Is it a science?

Astrology is a science of time, says a Tamil astrologer. Each second in time has a specific implication, eminence or importance committed to it. Taking birth at a specific moment in time according to the astrophysical chart, we take in this quality.

It is deemed that undergoing an astrological chart or making a natal chart is no less than studying science. This is because it entails a big amount of astronomy, and its reading is on the grounds of specifically identified norms.

A natal chart comprises various amalgamations of planets to define numerous circumstances in life, counting psychological and physical capabilities, occupation, children, marriage, problems, etc.

How Can Planetary Positions Impact Human Live?

One thing about astrology is that it impacts the lives of humans. The distinct positions of the moon or the planetary movement influence our minds and feelings. The planetary placements at the moment we were born in the natal chart can be associated with the planetary placement of any moment.

This study will reveal how a certain planet or two impact our lives greatly at a specific moment. The outcome can be either positive or negative. However, these comparisons emphasize on the shift in our lives or our temperaments and responses to actions. This is nothing but astrology.

The planetary positions not only have their impact on us, but we are also affected by the planetary positions of the people whom we regularly deal with, be it our parents, partner, children, friends, bosses, acquaintances, colleagues, etc. And these people are too influenced by astrology as much as we are.

It has also been witnessed in numerous circumstances people start believing in astrology in times of catastrophe. Why? The word “disaster” is made from “dis”, meaning separation, and “aster”, meaning star, thus, giving the connotation “separation from the stars”. This gives a logical clarification of the impact of the position of the stars in our lives, too. Briefly, the importance of astrology lies in the direct impact that the moon, stars, and the 8 planets have on human existence.

Are Astrology Predictions Accurate?

As per astrology, the predictions are on the basis of the universe and that what is written in the stars will come true.

But, most people think that astrology is fake and any probability of definite predictions coming true is based entirely on chance.

Zodiac Signs

Each zodiac sign in astrology has its individual strengths and weaknesses, says the Astrologers in Chennai. Also, it has its individual qualities, wants, and approach towards life.

By scrutinizing the prediction of the sun, the moon, and the planets, astrology can hint at the basic traits, fears, flaws, and choices of an individual.

Each sign belongs to one of the 4 elements (fire, air, water, and earth). These show an indispensable kind of energy that acts in each sign.

Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio are the water signs. Aquarius, Geminin, and Libra are the air signs. Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus are the earth signs. Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo are the fire signs.