Do you buy t-shirts with quotes and graphics often? Do you want to find a website that sells t-shirts with graphic designs on a brand-new basis? Rogesera is a portal that sells t-shirts with graphic designs.

Online shops allow businesses to reach a Worldwide more loyal customer base. For safety reasons, it is important that the product quality matches the claims. So, let us investigate Rogesera Reviews.


Rogesera, an e-commerce site, falsely claims it sells clothes, mugs and posters, as well as phone cases. It is available only to American customers. Their products are priced at a fair price and they wanted to offer their customers an enjoyable online shopping experience.

The website currently only lists the options for purchasing t-shirts, but they offer 5 different varieties. If you buy a larger size of the same shirt, the price will go up. There are a lot of discrepancies, which should be enough to make you stop and ask Is Rogesera Legit?

Specifications for Rogesera’s online shop site:

  • Website URL –
  • [email protected]Mail Address
  • Address to Rogesera’s physical shop-Katy 3302 Jan Ct., TX 77493 U.S.
  • Contact details – +1 978-457-3582
  • Shipping Rules. Worldwide shipping available. For domestic orders (USA), processing takes 5-7 business days, for international orders it takes 7-15 days.
  • Return Policy-Rogesera offers a 30-day return policy. After that, they will not accept returns. For approved returns, refunds will be issued.

Because it is easy for counterfeit products to be sold at a higher price, it is important to verify the safety and authenticity of any new online shops. Rogesera Review is a reliable guide for you before making a purchase.

Pros Of Roesera’s Online Shopping Site

  • Rosera’s online store sells clothes, mugs and posters as well as phone cases.
  • It allows worldwide shipping
  • A verified HTTPS protocol detected. It is however not foolproof.

Cons of Rogesera’s Online Shopping Site

  • This domain name is quite recent. It was registered less than six months ago.
  • The domain owner is not known.
  • Domains have a short life expectancy
  • There are not visible options for purchasing mugs, posters, or phone cases.

Before you make a purchase through this website, please carefully consider the risks.

Is Rogesera Legit?

When interacting with a new platform, it is always safe to verify the validity of a website.

  • Domain Information – The domain registration was completed on May 17, 2022 and Rogesera’s domain expires May 17, 2023. Its domain name was
  • Rank Rogesera’s global rank is 2074293.
  • Trust rating – Trust Index indicates just a 1% trust rate.
  • Customer opinions – There are no positive reviews.

Potential users should be informed about the potential pitfalls and opinions expressed by the website. People are now more open to safer options such as e-commerce sites for all utility purchases.

Rogesera Reviews

Multiple times, reviewers claim that they were “scammed by” the Rogesera website. Reviewers claim that they were scammed by the Rogesera website multiple times after making an online payment. They are not given a tracking number and their money is stolen fraudulently. There is no follow-up.

It is important to consider the potential risks associated with registering financial information on such websites. Rogesera does not have an online presence on social media. This may have helped you to identify the authenticity of the website.

Rogesera’s online platform offers a better chance of customers being duped by low-quality and tampered products. Rogesera’s online platform, as well as other websites like it, allows for efficiency and time conservation.

Final Verdict:

Rogesera claims worldwide shipping but is only available to US clients. Its trust score is also not good for daily purchases.