The Colorado District 4 fight would be between Robert Lewis, and Ken. Read more to learn about the candidates.

You may not know, but in Colorado District 4, both the republicans and the democrats finally announced the Congressional nominees. Ken Buck will face Bob Lewis in the coming elections, which has come as a surprise to him by the Republican assembly. The district is heavily republican, and redistricting gave it an even greater advantage towards the GOP. The United States people are excited about this election. They look forward to Robert Lewis and Ken being interesting and entertaining.

Colorado District 4 Elections, 2022

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Ken Buck is the republican presidential candidate. He has been representing Colorado District 4 in the Colorado District 4 elections since 2015. Ken will be running for his fifth term in office in the upcoming elections. Ken is currently in Judiciary and Foreign Relations Committee. Robert Lewis vs Ken Buck Colorado. Buck would drive votes for his success in dealing with big tech antitrust concerns. Buck is believed to be a conservative financial analyst. Buck was once the head of the GOP for Colorado. Buck was also an advocate for the integrity and fairness of the state’s elections system.

Bob Lewis is an Albert County republican and owns a business in real estate. Bob was involved in GOP politics in the county, and had served as vice-chairperson for five years.

The election between Robert Lewis, vs Ken

Bob has made it clear that he will abide by the constitution. In fact, he is a constitutionalist to its core. Bob has also stated that he will vote against the continuation of federal funds. Bob said that he would not support federal funding for illegal acts and would take steps towards curbing anti-American propaganda. Bob claimed that he would seal off the southern borders to illegal crossings.

Bob and Ken are republicans claimants. However, there is another democrat candidate for the Robert Lewis against Ken . Ike McCorkle is a former Marine and is running again for Congress. Ike would insist on environmental programmes, as he is an environmentalist committed to the cause. Ike also promises to provide affordable housing for veterans and care for them.


Bob Lewis, Ken Buck and the Colorado District 4 Republican candidate have taken the positions. Their candidacy would now be decided in the county elections. The above outlines the qualifications and plans of Ken and Buck. Details are also given about the candidate to be a democrat. See the following for more information.

Colorado candidates for Congressional District 4 lay out.

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