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Did you just hear that a sixteen year old boy was shot in the head with a gun? Even though we are aware of the danger, it is still a sad fact that children these days are getting bulletshots.

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Ajax: Who are you?

Ajax was a young boy who went to Spingarn High. He is also a recent victim.

Some sources claim that he was tall. He also used to keep quiet during class. Adrian precia is actually his real name. He used to be from Northeast Washington.

Why this topic is so popular?

This topic is becoming a trend after a bullet struck a sixteen year-old schoolboy.

Rip Ajax is 1980 has been a popular name for people posting online. You can read the entire article for more details!

How did this happen?

This happened at Spingarn high school. This incident was not connected to any murders.

People are furious at the school’s board for allowing a gun in the school.

Parents are asking for security for their children. Police were still called by school officials to resolve the matter and bring the victim to the local hospital.

Rip Ajax 1981!

Adrian Precia is also known to be Ajax as discussed in the previous section. Ajax was the nickname his friends gave him. At the time, he was only sixteen.

A Spingarn High student claims that a boy was playing around with a gun. Everyone thought it was an toy. But the boy pulled the trigger. A bullet struck Ajax.

Police responded to the call and admitted Ajax to hospital. Ajax became more well-known later. Rip Ajax80 is the result.

This incident took place in the late 1980s but it remains a model for parents today to avoid giving guns toys to their children.

Schools have become more cautious. School officials aren’t willing to take on this type of risk and increase security.

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Final Verdict:

Ajax, a sixteen-year old boy, was the victim according to our research. This incident happened in 1980. It was caused by a boy who was mistakenly shooting a boy with a gun.

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