An accident, as we all know, is any unforeseen circumstance that is capable of causing damage. But we should also know that these accidents do not happen alone. They have causes be it human or failed technology.

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Now, you might want to know the causes of these accidents, which is exactly what I’ll be showing you in this article. 

I believe you’re ready to journey with me? Let’s go!!

Top 10 Causes Of Accidents

Numerous things could cause accidents, be it on the road, at home, or anywhere at all. You’ll get to see a combination of them all. They include:

Reckless road driving

Sometimes you see drivers go as high as 160km. This is the top speed on a busy road. You shouldn’t become a reckless driver on a busy road because you are not in a race with anybody. It is advisable to be moderate and drive so that it won’t go beyond the person driving. Very important!


On the road and at home, this is one of the major causes of accidents. In anything that you find yourself doing, you must pay attention to details, no matter how little they may be. These little mistakes can turn out to become big problems if they are neglected. I believe you should pay more attention to details from now on.

Disobedience to traffic signs

You see drivers sometimes trying to maneuver their way and dodge traffic signals. This is wrong because you can end up running into another coming vehicle. You do not want to witness a sight like this, do you? Obey traffic signs at all times.

Taking alcohol on the highway

Alcohol tends to make a person tipsy or even dizzy. A percentage of road accidents occur due to people drinking and driving, which is an unhealthy practice. If there’s a need to take alcohol, it shouldn’t be on the highway.


When an individual is under stress while driving, at work, at home, etc. It is capable of causing accidents. This is why they advise that when you notice that there are signs of weakness and fatigue due to stress, avoid hard work so as not to break down.


On the highway, rain can make your windscreen blurry; in that case, you might not get a perfect view of the road. At this point, you do not have to drive at high speed. Just maintain a steady pace till you get to your destination.


Confusion can be a cause of road accidents or even accidents in the home. When a person is confused, mistakes are bound to happen. When you find yourself in a confused state, it is best to retreat so you can think and figure out the best way to tackle the problem.

Lack of experience

It is not advisable for a person with little driving experience to hit the highway. There is a place for learning, but the highway is not somewhere to test run. When the individual has learned completely, he/she can hit the highway.

Improper inspection

You should inspect things generally before you make use of them. Just like your vehicle, it should be properly checked from the tires to gauge and other parts of it. Ensure that they are in perfect condition.

Roadside arguments

Sadly, accidents are caused by roadside arguments. It is best to settle things amicably without getting to cause traffic or any form of road inconvenience.

Now that you know all of these, you should avoid all of them and take precautions. It would reduce the accident rate in the country.