Would you want to browse the fascinating story of the anime based novel? Would you like to understand how the individual travels previously to reside the existence of the youthful boy? Then here comes today’s content highlighting the facts of the identical.

Worldwide, studying a singular and watching series is among the favourite hobbies of individuals. Furthermore, an interesting storyline progressively grabs our interests.

Background from the novel

The primary character from the story is Ian Page. The plot involves periodic past and offer. He was the very first man to interrupt with the sixth and seventh class to become effective magician within the eighth class. Together with his existence, he earned his continent unified.

Now, because the time fades and also the story of Return of eighth Class the Magician continues, he becomes old and wishes to live the remainder of his existence in peace and then try to save the bloodstream he spilt within the wars. So he made the decision to invest his existence within the hometown where his mother died.

However, his old friend accustomed to betray him to be so effective, and eventually, he wiped out him by providing poison. However the fascinating factor was that within the last breath, he cast time magic that permitted him to operate during the time as he would be a youthful boy. With all of understanding, he made the decision to create his early existence far better with less regrets.

Fundamental Information of Return of eighth Class the Magician

•           Genre – Action, Fantasy, and tragedy

•           Status – ongoing

•           Ratings – 4.7 from 5

•           Author – Ryu Song

•           Artist – Tes

•           Type – Manhwa

Description of Ian Page

•           Vital status – alive

•           Gender – Male

•           Age – Presently, he’s 42, so when his second existence begins, he turns into a youthful boy of 12

•           Hair colour – light brown

•           Eye colour – Blue

•           Spouse – Hailey Greenriver

•           Profession – he was an archmage in ninth class

•           Residence – Ian’s mansion

Do you know the character traits of Ian Page?

The storyline, Return of eighth Class the Magician, depends upon him, so it’s essential to know his personality and search.

He’s a handsome guy with lengthy hair who dresses inside a fast robe that completely matches the attention colour. The regret in the existence was he unsuccessful to consider proper care of his mother previously timeline however it motivates him to get more powerful in order to save his family members.

The decades he survived previously were spent magically by participating and researching within the continental wars.

However, to understand more about the type, we advise watching the summary of the storyline in Chapter 1 and 2.


Return of eighth Class the Magician is among the best novels for individuals who’re fans of anime figures, like to read action and fantasy tales, hence an ideal book that may match your interest.