If you are opting for a Hyperbaric Oxygen in London therapy, let us tell you that you have made the right decision. Nevertheless, before entering inside the tube or a chamber, you should be familiar with everything that one should be expecting from the procedure. This is why we have prepared this piece of information. Continue reading it ahead, and know what exactly the procedure brings for you.

Understanding Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy

HBOT or what you call a Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy is explained as a type of a treatment that is used by experts to speed up healing of stubborn wounds, gangrene, carbon monoxide poisoning, and infections in which the tissues present in the body are starving for pure oxygen.

Now, according to the experts, patients enter inside a chamber every single day. Nevertheless, they have zero or less idea about what will be happening inside. Also, they do not know what to do before they enter the chamber. Well, patients have to understand that it is an oxygen chamber, and not a swimming pool. The chamber will be helping the patients heal in the right manner which is why it is of utmost importance to know everything about the procedure. The time when the tissues present inside the human body are in need of immense oxygen to heal, a hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the right treatment to opt for. The procedure involves breathing in oxygen at a pressure that is suitable for the body. As a result, a patient is able to get rid of unwanted infections, and wound healing. With that being said, let us now understand how the procedure works.

How does Hyperbaric Oxygen work for patients?

The treatment of Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been performed by doctors for a long time now. The very first one was performed in the 1930s. According to the studies, the procedure took place for decompression sickness. At present, the procedure is still opted by patients, and the doctors perform it for them. The entire procedure takes place in a warm and comfortable environment, ensuring that the patient obtains what he is expecting. Coming to the chamber, there are two different types. One is the multiplace one which is like a small airplane or a room. These rooms are basically designed for a single patient only. Next is a chamber that can treat more than one patient at a time. No matter whichever room or chamber you enter, it is vital to keep in mind some imperative factors. Are you wondering what they are? Continue reading further.

Before entering the chamber

  • Don’t arrive at the doctor if you are sick: If you are someone suffering from cold, fever, loose stools, high blood pressure, and flu, make sure not to opt for the treatment. This is because one might end up developing unwanted medical issues. In addition to this, a patient’s ability to hear may also get affected.
  • Certain medications should be avoided: There is no denying the fact that there are some medications that will experience some effects because of the oxygen. Henceforth, avoid taking them, including ointment for wounds.

With that, we hope you now know what the procedure is, how it takes place, and what to keep in mind before getting started. If you are someone who wants to get started for the procedure anytime soon, keep in mind all the information we have explained here.