People who would like to buy ramadan gifts from Huawei would be glad to know that it applies new discounts to existing and coming customers. They tend to give a new incentive for people who are not aware of the Huawei brand to attract them and make them loyal customers. People who didn’t have prior exposure to Huawei products will be thrilled to know that the company targets them to cover the needs for increased sales during the Ramadan season and reinforce the relations with other existing customers who return to buy more things for their friends and family.

Reliable Company

First, you need to know and understand that Huawei needs to build a profile of an affordable but reliable company to the public. By offering some hot items like smartphones and tablets, they increase their proliferation to the world public and give the assurance that they are a caring for the customer company. People who see that continue to buy more products from Huawei since the established image of a reliable brand brings even more sales. It’s a premium marketing strategy that uses the power of price cuts and discounts to ensure that the company’s profile will optimize through the public.

Mobile Devices Are Compatible With Others

It’s also sure that Huawei devices are widely and 100% compatible with the ones from other brands. However, that statement is not entirely known in the world community. By offering more hard discounted devices through the sales funnels of the Ramadan season, Huawei wants to reposition the brand as a reliable partner that complies with all the rest devices a person or company could own and operate.

Battery Life is Premium

Another reason Huawei prefers that Ramadan season to show its superiority to other brands would be the extreme battery life of their models. We all know that Huawei offers models that are more resilient to weather conditions and that their battery life remains premium compared to other brands. That increased battery life makes Huawei differ from all the others and is the prime pillar of differentiation within the Ramadan holiday season. That will further boost sales.

All Cases Are Made From Recyclable Materials

Smartphone and tablets cases are meant to be reliable and hard to ensure that the device will withstand massive pressure or impacts. That statement is not common for all other competitors who may have stylish phones that are extremely vulnerable to accidents. However, Huawei has the right to tell people why they need to buy its smartphones and tablets which are not only weather but also force resistant to ensure that the user will always be in touch with his beloved ones no matter what happens during the day.

Warranty Period is Extended

Finally an extended warranty period is what most people like to have for their smartphones and communication devices like laptops and tablets. Huawei knows about it and tries to incorporate that into the new marketing strategy implemented through the Ramadan season. In fact, the Ramadan season is a perfect standpoint for Huawei to give people more discounted devices and ensure them that the warranty period will cover them for the whole season they will withhold them. It’s a win-win situation for Huawei and customers who both see their goals achieved.