As readers get invested in reading light novels, numerous sites and applications are developed to help readers have instant access to light novels. Some platforms require monthly fees, but most platforms are offered for free. Free reading sites are mistaken as harmful and unsafe. This is untrue as there are free reading sites that are safe from malware and viruses which is Novelfull. Novelfull is an online reading site updated with the current light novel chapters and titles. You can find all the prominent light novels on the platform. Read further as we discuss deeper what this site can offer you.

Introduction to Light Novels

Light Novels are an art form of storytelling that compose of narrative and dialogues. It started to get featured in pulp magazines. Later on, got prominent in the west, which pushed publishing companies to improve the format and style of Light Novels. It is still heavily influenced by Japanese culture and tradition. 

Japanese Light Novels often use the genres of adventure and fantasy in storylines. It also incorporates current issues of society. The characters portray different viewpoints of individuals in society and how they overcome these issues along the way. Reading Japanese Light Novels can take you to another world that is often ahead of the present. Famous Light Novels often have an anime adaptation.

Novelfull Free Reading Site

Novelfull is an online reading platform accessible from any part of the world. It is a website that contains classic and current light novels and manga series. This platform is free to use by any reader. It is accessible 24/7 on any day of the week. The site has a simple user interface that any user can easily utilize.

The site aims to help readers from all around the world have access to a diverse collection of light novels on one platform. It aims to help readers have an on-the-go reading platform that they can access anytime. A platform similar to this is NovelUpdates which also contains a variety of reading content.

Features of Novelfull

A good read requires exceptional set o features. Features play a huge part in giving readers a fun reading experience. Here are some of the top features of Novelfull that help readers have a comfortable reading experience.

  • No Registration Process: Accessing reading content on Novelfull wouldn’t require you to create an account. You can access the light novels offered by Novelfull at any time with no account. No need to worry about registration fees as the platform doesn’t ask for such.
  • Variety of Reading Content: Using Novelfull will allow you to access a variety of light novels such as Korean Light Novels, Chinese Light Novels, and Japanese Light Novels. You can also access manga books on the site. You can access the reading contents from the latest to classic light novels.
  • Accessible On Any Device: Novelfull can be accessed using any device available to the user. The platform has no application which makes it accessible to users from all around the world. You don’t need to worry about buying or using specific devices just to access the reading content and features of the platform.
  • Wide Array of Collections: Novelfull has categories and genre collections which readers can browse easily to select the light novel to read. The books are arranged according to the ratings.
  • No Pop-Up Ads and Redirection: Novelfull can offer you a convenient reading experience. There are no pop-up ads on the site which assure readers that they wouldn’t be disturbed while reading chapters. There is also no redirection which assures you that you won’t be redirected to another page.

Should I Use Novelfull?

Finding an excellent platform that can cater to all your light novels and manga need is crucial. There are plenty of platforms online that claim to offer such services but can’t support their claims with proof. Novelfull is a reading platform that can help you access all the best light novels online for free.

Yes, you should use Novelfull to have a comfortable and safe reading experience online. Novelfull is known as an all-in-one site as it also contains manga books. It has useful features that help readers on browsing the platform. Novelfull also has a variety of categories that can help readers explore the available books on the platform easily.

3 Basic Steps to Read Light Novels Using Novelfull

Using Novelfull to Read Light Novels Online is simple. Here are the 3 Steps you need to follow to access, browse, and read light novels using Novelfull.

  1. Open Novelfull: Connect your device to an internet connection. Open your browser and search for Novelfull. Make sure to enter the correct URL. Novelfull has no application which makes it accessible on any device.
  2. Select A Novel: On the homepage of Novelfull you can already browse the top light novels of the platform by genre by filtering the ‘Hot Novel.’ You can also click the menu bar to access more options such as Categories, Genres, and Search Bar. Use the search bar if you prefer reading books according to the author. You can also use it to locate specific titles. Use the ‘Novel List’ to browse the categories such as Latest Release, Hot Novel, Most Popular, and Completed Novels. If you prefer reading titles according to the trend use this to select a book to read. Click the ‘Genre’ to view the list of the available genre on the site.
  3. Read Novel: You start reading the novel by clicking Chapter 1. You can view all the available chapters below the book summary. Don’t forget to rate the book after reading to help aspiring writers improve. 


Reading the best light novels online is a great decision. It will allow you to keep updated on current chapter updates and lets you help cut off paper use. It is an eco-friendly reading method that can benefit you and nature. Using Novelfull to read light novels online will allow you to save money over monthly fees and spend time reading a diverse collection of reading materials.