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Are you searching for an online shop that sells gorgeous dresses? Why not look into this Rasney shop? The shop is located in America, the United Kingdom and the United States is known for its beautiful fabric and style. Are you interested in knowing more the details about this store? This article is about Rasney Reviews provides everything you need to know about the products and the legitimacy of Rasney.

You’ll be able to decide by reading the full details regarding this shop. So let us begin.

More About Rasney shop

Rasney Shop is an online shop that offers a wide selection of women’s dresses. We all know that women’s clothes are constantly updated. Their clothes are in style and give you a distinct style. They’re committed to giving complete satisfaction to their clients. The fabric they use to create clothing is of top quality. Let’s take an overview of their collections:

  • Long Sleeve Tops
  • Sweaters
  • Casual dresses
  • Cardigans
  • Sets of two pieces
  • Tops

Is Rasney Legit? Rasney has offered all kinds of clothes. We’re certain that ladies will spend a lot on their collections. But, we have to guide on the legitimacy of this store so that women do not be fooled by their owners since they might be a fraud and seek to rob your accounts. Beware when you purchase from websites on the internet.

Features of Rasney

  • Purchase cardigans from
  • Contact ID for email: [email protected]
  • The location and phone number information are not found.
  • We’ve come across excellent reviews on review websites. Additionally, some excellent Rasney reviews could be seen through the official website.
  • Return Policy: One-month return policy for defective quality products is valid.
  • Exchange and refund: after the order is accepted, the store will make the exchange and refund within one week.
  • Shipping Policy Shipping Policy: Express and postal shipping can take up to 10 days.
  • Pay options for payments: PayPal Credit Card is accepted at this site.

Positive Highlights

  • FREE shipping for orders greater than $79.
  • Email addresses are available.
  • Reviews on web-based sites as well as the official website are available.

Negative Highlights

  • Social media accounts do not contain relevant information.
  • The details on the number of the phone as well as the location of the business aren’t found.
  • The products are expensive.

Is Rasney Legit?

This section includes all information regarding the legitimacy that are available for Rasney shop. These details assist in determining and distinguishing between a legitimate and a fraudulent website. Therefore, if you study the entire information provided and are able to see the clear picture of this online shop.

  • Domain Life June 6, 2021 is Rasney’s founding date. Therefore, we can conclude that this store isn’t as old, and it is more than 9 months old. expected life expectation.
  • Registration: Rasney was registered by NameCheap, Inc.
  • Trust Index: The trust index is calculated at five percent. This makes this website among the most insecure to use.
  • buyer’s reaction We have a few outstanding Rasney reviews on review sites online. In addition, some exceptional ratings are available on their official site.
  • Social Media account Social Media Accounts on Facebook as well as Instagram were discovered. However they do not have any information relevant to.
  • Privacy policy This shop has certain legitimate policies such as privacy policies and the terms and conditions, returns exchange, return, etc. Customers are able to refer to their policies with no worries.
  • Data Security The site uses the HTTPS server to help users share their personal information in a safe manner.
  • The missing information Information such as telephone number, owner’s name and address are not available. However the email address is listed.

Rasney Reviews

The shop does not provide certain important details such as address, telephone number, as well as the details of the owner. However the email address is available. Certain ratings such as 4.1/5 and 4.9/5 could be seen on web websites, along with some favorable reviews like that the customers liked their products. Some positive reviews were seen on the official website. Pages on social media were found however, they aren’t filled with pertinent details.

Alexa has rated this site below average. We are unable to be sure of the authenticity of this site. Buyers will be able to find more details about fraudulent credit card transactions by reading this post.

Final Summary

In conclusion of this article with Rasney Review and conclude that the store isn’t an old site and has over 9 months life expectation. This isn’t an index of trustworthiness and it’s life expectancy seems very low. It appears to be a fraudulent website. Check the link for more information on sweaters.

Do you need further assistance regarding the permissibility of Rasney’s conduct? Let us know by commenting below.

This article also offers advice to readers on the steps they should use when they are caught in PayPal fraud.