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We are here to talk about the tragic death in Alabama of a Tik Tok artist. Dear readers: Are you familiar with the Randon Lee Obituary, and his tragic death? The boy had planned to sell marijuana, but it didn’t go according to plan.

The 18-year old teen was gunned down at the Prichard gasstation in the United States on June 24, 2022. At a Conference that was held Monday, the Police Department of Prichard confirmed it.

Short about Randon

Randon was pronounced dead on Friday, June 24, 20,22. He was the child of Nicholas, also known under Mama Tot, a Tik Tok Star. She has seven million Tik Tok followers.

Randon Lee Nichols Obituary

The Valhalla Memorial Funeral Home is responsible for organizing the necessary rituals to ensure peace and comfort to the souls of the deceased. The visitation is scheduled for July 1, 2022. The visiting hour is 11:00 AM. The Obituary will close at 12:00.

Randon Lee’s friends and family will offer their condolences, along with flowers, to show respect for the deceased. If you wish to comfort his mother, please send condolences and flowers.

Historical Background Randon L. Obituary

Lee was an 18 year old student. He lived a full life. The authorities reported that his death was due to the selling of marjuana. He was close to Prichard when the criminal took him to the gas station of the city, located at the St. Stephens Road.

His mother informed the authorities that the police should arrest the criminal as soon possible. Her innocent son was killed as they roamed free in the city. His birthday was Saturday, so he had to leave the country on Friday night. It is very difficult for a mother seeing her son leave the world in this way.

Donations can also be made to the Randon Lee Obituary. For the benefit of the families of the tragically murdered, those who are interested can donate to the funeral homes.


Q.1 Was Randon Gene Lee ever alive?

A.1 He was born in Prichard, Alabama. He lived there once with his mother.

Q.2 who is Ophelia Nick?

Q.2. Randon Lee’s mom.


Randon, an 18 years old teenage boy who was tragically killed in an attack by some unscrupulous men, will be laid to rest on July 1, 2022. You can find more information about this topic by following the provided link.

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