Every year, millions of homes across the United States are invaded with pests. From rodents to termites to bed bugs, pests can be very hard to get rid of on your own, NYC pest control.

While there are all kinds of traps and tricks you can employ to rid your home of pets, often, the best solution is to hire a pest control company. But, how do you choose the right pest control company? Check out this guide to discover the top qualities of the best pest control companies. 


It’s important to find a general pest control company that has some years of experience under its belt. While there isn’t a magical number of years that qualify a company, the company you hire should have at least a few years of experience. 

More importantly, however, the pest control company should have experience dealing with the particular pest that has invaded your home. Different pests require different removal solutions, and you want to make sure the company you hire can handle the pest in your home. 

Good Communication 

Hiring a pest control company with good communication will make the pest removal process a lot less of a headache. Good communication starts with that first phone call or email. 

You want to look for a pest control company that responds to you in a timely manner, listens to all of your concerns, and communicates with you throughout the process. When an exterminator comes to your home, they should explain the techniques they’re using to get rid of the pests. 

Additionally, the best pest control services are communicative about appointment scheduling, pricing, and other logistics related to their services. After the removal, the pest control company should communicate to you about any follow-up services that they offer. 

Trained Technicians 

Removing pests from homes is a lot more complicated of a task than you’d think. After all, there’s a reason so many people have to call pest control companies for help!

In addition to having years of experience, you also want to make sure the pest control company you hire has well-trained technicians on its staff. The company should be able to produce training certificates for their staff members. 


While pests are small, they can upend your life in a big way. Often, people need to leave their homes when they’ve been invaded with pests. However, you shouldn’t have to wait days for your pest control company to respond to you and take care of the problem. 

Instead, look for a dependable company that will address the issue immediately. Whether you have a difficult infestation, a scheduled appointment, or an emergency situation, you should be able to depend on the pest control company you hire to fix the problem. 

Top Pest Control Companies: Time to Act 

Now that you know the qualities to look for in the top pest control companies, it’s time to choose the right pest control service for your needs. We recommend heading to Google and looking up companies near where you live. 

And, for more pest control tips, check back in with our blog!