To become a renowned accountant on the global business platform you are expected to be capable of dealing with the different types of financial situations and challenges that are bound to come your way.

But if you are ready to take your career path to the next level and determined to land international accounting jobs then you must earn an AAT qualification to keep up with the latest trends and techniques.

Enrolling on an AAT course offered in London can help you prepare for the interviews that you need to crack to obtain primary roles within the accounting department, become proficient at drafting key performance indicators KPIs, tracking a company’s budgets and be responsible for preparing a company’s accounts.

Although this can sounds a bit overwhelming, the AAT course that we have in store for you is offered via a digital learning platform which you can study flexibly and learn how to file tax returns or calculate the tax owed by a company, track and examine a company’s expenditure and overall income, investigate financial risks and identify irregularities such as suspected fraud or unforeseen losses.

Let’s jump right into the most popular courses related to AAT qualifications and why studying AAT in London is a great way to become proficient at making recommendations to increase profit and advising on budgeting, by signing up for this well-recognised qualification.

How many levels is the AAT qualification composed of?

The AAT qualification is tailor-made to help accounting aspirants gain industry-specific skills related to taxation, auditing and financial accounting, and is typically divided into the four major types:

  • AAT essentials
  • AAT business skills
  • AAT bookkeeping
  • AAT accounting

What are some of the essential accounting skills that you will gain by completing an online AAT course from the UK?

Studying AAT in London will help you prepare yourself to become part of international accounting bodies, as well as gain exemption from certain accounting certifications such as the ICAEW and ACCA.

The essential training programme integrated as part of the course curriculum will allow you to acquire skills such as:

  • Keeping a business’s overall financial status healthy
  • Managing cash flow
  • Drafting financial documents
  • Explaining financial situations to non-financial managers

Opting for an online AAT programme from our university will allow you to participate in a range of practical training that has a unique blend of both academic and real-time work environments to help you acquire a solid grounding in accounts, management and bookkeeping.

There is a range of milestones integrated into the academic modules of the online AAT, of course, to help track your performance and update your portfolio based on the number of classes and quizzes that you have completed.

Our accredited AAT programme comes along with an approved training provider, with hosts academic experts available to offer customized support 24/7.

Book a free consultation to learn more about the eligibility criteria and tree structure, to stay ahead of the very competitive job market by demonstrating the skills that are sought after by potential employers worldwide!

This article was written by Deblina Dam.