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Pros and Cons of Disposable Air Conditioning Filters

One easy way to keep your HVAC system in top shape is by changing the furnace air filter on a regular basis. The primary function of this important piece of equipment is preventing airborne particles from entering into and cluttering up all those complicated ventilation tunnels within your AC system, which can lead not only to poor efficiency but also increased levels of dirt.

A good option for maintaining the peak efficiency of your air conditioning unit is a disposable air filter. This type of filtration system operates just as its name suggests: after several months or according to manufacturer guidelines, you throw away old filters and replace them with new ones so that your AC’s engine can continue running smoothly without any impurities getting in the way. When it is time to replace your air filter, it is important to choose the correct size.  Many homes have 14x14x1 air filters, they help reduce the amount of dust, pollen, and other impurities that can be brought into your home or office. They also help keep your air conditioning unit running at its best.

We recommend disposable furnace filters, and we believe it is the best option. Let’s talk a little about the benefits of this type of filter. 

Benefits of Using Disposable AC Filters

The following are the key benefits of using disposable air conditioning filters for your system.

Contaminant Removal

You might be wondering what the difference is between a washable and disposable air filter. A disposable one can remove smaller particles from your house, but they won’t last for more than three months before needing replacement, so make sure you buy two. But with a disposable, you get a high-quality filter with ratings, such as MERV 16 or lower that provide excellent indoor air.

Filter Lifespan and Maintenance Tasks

If you are looking for an air filter that will last longer than the typical lifespan of 60 days, we recommend purchasing a pleated disposable filter. The durability and reliability of this type of  air filter make it an excellent choice for those who may forget to change their filters monthly. The lifespan lasts 90 days, so you won’t have any problems with clogged or dirty equipment.

Better for Asthma

Disposable filters come in different sizes depending upon your filtering needs. They can provide cleaner air that’s safer for breathing. This type of filtration system removes up to 99% or more particles from the indoor environment when used with a HEPA system, so those with asthma should consider this option over a traditional washable one. 

No More Mould

The effects of dirty air conditioning filters can be felt throughout your whole house. When they are damp, fungi start to grow on them. And mould can cause a variety of health problems and even structural damage to your home.

Disposable air filters are better at keeping mould in check because they are clean, new and dry, unlike washable filters that may have moisture in them after cleaning. Replacing the filter in your air conditioning system every few months or when they get dirty is helpful so as not to blow spores around.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Disposable filters are a great way to keep your indoor air clean and healthy. They help reduce the smaller pollutants you can’t see, such as pollen or virus carriers that may trigger allergies in some people’s respiratory systems. 


Vacuuming a standard filter will result in damaging the material and providing no protection for you or your system. Using disposable filters is much better as they can just be replaced with new clean ones, saving time.

Reduced Energy Consumption

The importance of using disposable filters cannot be overstated. They help to maintain a clean interior unit that will not only improve the performance but also extend its life. Not only does this reduce energy consumption, but it reduces overall operational costs as well, so you can save money on your electric bill every month.

Saving You Money

The disposable filter is the more affordable option. It is a lot cheaper to buy and replace them than it would be with an ongoing subscription for cleaning supplies for standard filters.

Disposable filters are more cost-effective in the long run. With reduced energy costs and less maintenance required, they can save you considerable money you can use elsewhere.

A Better Choice if You Have Pets

If your filter or air conditioner has a MERV value below 8, you might find that reusable filters are less effective at removing particles than disposable ones. This is because these low-MERV instruments often overheat and stop working altogether in some cases due to their inability to keep up with the demands placed on them by high-efficiency systems found in today’s homes.

It is especially the case if you have furry pets as the electrostatic filter may not be able to remove as much pet dander. And if it is not completely cleaned or dried before being replaced, then there will always be a build-up of dust, mould and dander on top.

Are There Any Cons to Disposable Air Filters?

When you think about the environment, it is always best to go with a product that will not cause any harm. The reusable AC filters are less harmful in this case. Disposable air filters are an excellent choice for those who would like to save money, but the production and disposal of these types can be harmful to our environment.

On the other hand, if you use a reusable air filter, it is important that they be washed thoroughly so as not to form mould or mildew. This can be a maintenance issue if you are a busy homeowner. 

Between disposable air filters and reusable ones, disposables inarguably have better performance. Bear in mind that you can mitigate the environmental impact of these one-time-use filters by disposing of them responsibly and taking advantage of waste removal options in your area.


If you want the best protection from your air purifier, disposable filters are a superb choice. They work great at capturing smaller particles like dust and pet dander. They protect you from contaminants and ultimately protect your health as they help in improving the quality of indoor air. Disposable air conditioning filters also help you save money in the long run. Despite the maintenance and disposal issues that they may have, these filters are still worth buying.