Are you that person who comments online on every BTS post with a purple heart. Are you still waiting for their new release to come out? BTS’s newest song quickly rose to the top on audio streaming services in several countries, including India, Canada (USA), Germany, United Kingdom and Germany. This article contains Proof BTS photocards, which are perfect for BTS fans who love K-pop.

The Photocards

Photocards can be defined as a card featuring a photo of an idol. However that image will be unique and not available from other sources than photocards. Kpop music producers introduced the trend of selling photocards featuring stars alongside music albums.

The BTS music gang, world-famous, has just released “Proof” their new anthology. They also offer proof photocards as a freebie.

With the music album, we will distribute two photocards measuring 8.5″ x 5.5″.

  • Photocard A is randomly drawn from 8
  • Photocard A will be randomised out of 7.

Proof Tracklist

On June 10, 2022, Proof was released on three CDs.

  • Track list from CD 1. Bornsinger. No More Dream. N.O.. Boy In Luv.. Danger. Ineed U.. Run. Fire, Blood Sweatandtears. Spring Day. DNA. Fake Love. Idol. Boywithluv. On. Dynamite. LifeGoesOn. Butter.
  • CD 2: Run BTS, IntroPersona, Stay, Moon, Jamaisvu, Trivia, BTSCipherPart3, Outroego, Her, Filter, Friends, Singularity, Zero, Euphoria, Dimple
  • CD3: Jump. Aemehansai. BoyInLuv. Ttaompyo. INeedu. BoyzWithFun. TonyMontana. YoungForever. SpringDay. DNA. Epiphany. Seesaw. StillWithYou. ForYouth.


The proof BTS Photocards were a popular search result because of yesterday’s BTS Proof album release. Many fans eagerly wait to buy the album as well as the photocards. This album is a tribute to the 9-year BTS music journey. It features their previous 9 years of songs as an Anthology Series.

Preorders of the album and freebie photocards opened May 5th, at 11 KST. You can preorder the album and get your freebie photocards by using the we-verse hip app. The album is available on streaming music services online, and CDs and photocards may be purchased at Amazon, Ubuy or other stores.

Information on the album

Along with proof album, proof BTS photocards will cost an additional amount. The whole album can also be ordered with these postcards.

  • There are two options for international BTS fans:
  • The standard edition starts at $51.
  • The proof set edition costs around 68.93 Dollars.
  • The album is currently available in the United States in
  • The compact edition starts at $20.90
  • Standard Edition costs $65.90

The proof album contains the CDs, photographs, poster, epilogue, lyrics, photos (a and b), epilogue as well as proof art.


The Photocards has information about the BTS album. It is currently trending on all streaming platforms. They decided to celebrate their nine-year musical anniversary after they began their official musical journey.