Are you thinking about investing in cryptocurrency? Are you aware that cryptocurrency is our future currency? Due to the volatility of cryptocurrency, a platform located in the United Kingdom introduced a crypto robot. This means that the robots will trade on the behalf of users. However, there are rumors about the Prime Scam Bitcode.

Bitcode prime

This cutting-edge technology uses artificial intelligence to create crypto robots that can help people trade crypto. These robots can work independently without human intervention. Some have claimed that this trading platform is fraudulent and cited some reasons why.

  • Each crypto robot activity will have a broker assigned. One customer revealed that the background of the broker was based in Belize. Criminals use the place as a tax refuge.
  • Advertisements may use fake endorsements or sponsorships.
  • Every customer was required to deposit 250 euros on this platform

Prime Scam Bitcode

Users are unaware of the returns and have had problems withdrawing their profits. Some users feel that the website’s logo and design were copied from another Bitcoin Prime website. False information circulated that claimed this platform would generate 1000 euros per day.

According to financial officials, the platform appears legitimate, but some are using it for their own purposes, such as spreading fake news and articles. Although it appears that the platform’s operators are legitimate, there are fake endorsements and sponsorships being circulated online, making it appear they are fake.


Prime Scam Bitcode technology is able to balance the volatility of the crypto market with an 85 percent success rate. It works by using trade signals from robots. The trading platform’s main goal is to generate profits for customers. This unstable market can quickly cause users to lose their money. However, crypto robots will carefully analyze the trends before trading currencies. They can also offer viable investment options.

Brokers will not be charged commission and users can withdraw money or save it to their accounts. Different cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoins and Ethereum, can be traded on the platform.

Pros & cons

Analyse of Prime Scam bitcode technology


  • Automated trading of 7 most popular cryptocurrencies
  • You can withdraw money quickly within 24 hours
  • The demo account is available to users as a first test.
  • Trading takes place 24×7.


  • This trading platform does not have a mobile app.
  • For trading purposes, it is compulsory to deposit 250 euros


Bitcode prime analyzes the volatility of the entire world. The platform will not consider any country.

This is only recommended for those who have prior knowledge about crypto currencies. Because it is new to the trading industry, we couldn’t verify the legitimacy of the Prime Scam.

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