Read this article to discover more what you need to know about Prepwell Academy Shark Tank regarding the launch of a prep school that focuses on the training of high school students.

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In this article we’ve discussed one of the items featured in the famous reality show on television for business. People, especially students from various countries such as that of the United States, would like to learn more about the offerings. Thus, you should go through this blog to find the complete details about Prepwell Academy Shark Tank.

About Prepwell Academy’s Appearance in Shark Tank

Prepwell academy An online platform designed to prepare high school students for college to be successful in the classroom, was included in Shark Tank at the end of 2020. the founder and CEO of PrepWell offered his demand for worth to receive financial assistance from investors, or “sharks.”

Phil Black, the man behind PrepWell said that the project was designed to assist teenagers in deciding their future with confidence. But the sharks were not in agreement with his vision and he didn’t receive the contract. But, Phil strived to continue his business and PrepWell is becoming more popular.

How Much is Prepwell Academy Worth ?

When Phil was on Shark Tank, he projected the value of his academy at $500,000. He demanded a share 20 percent of this amount from investors. In terms of a demand, he asked for $100k from “sharks.”

Even though PrepWell was not able to make it into the hearts of Shark Tank investors, Phil has boosted his sales in a successful manner. According to Internet sources, up to the last fiscal year the annual profits of PrepWell surpass $900,000.

What is PrepWell?

PrepWell can be described as an online portal designed to prepare students in grades 9 and 10 on how to prepare for their future. PrepWell is accessible as both a website and mobile application. It gained popularity following its appearance on the Prepwell Academy Shark Tank appearance.

Students who have a subscription can view short videos, which range from between three and five minutes in length. The videos will help teenagers to make sense of their future involvement. The cost of a monthly subscription to PrepWell will be $14.95.

Who is the Founder of PrepWell?

The person who invented PrepWell Is Phil Black. After completing the MBA through Harvard’s Business School at Harvard, Black took on a variety of initiatives. This included firefighting, working for the Navy and college athletics investment banking, and more.

He came up with the idea of the creation of PrepWell after advising his sons who were teens. The PrepWell platform is highly Prepwell Academy worth due to his passion. Phil personally provides one-on one counseling sessions for the students. The videos assist parents and students determine their next plan of action.

Why Was Prepwell Academy at Shark Tank Unsuccessful?

Phil Black had formerly participated in Shark Tank in 2014. It was to draw investors attracted by a fitness-related project known as FitDeck. So, investors were aware of his rational strategy. But, the sharks of 2020 felt that PrepWell wasn’t worth their money. They believed that Phil was unable to convince them that this project would earn the money it would generate.

The Closing Thoughts About Prepwell Academy Shark Tank

PrepWell’s loss on the Shark Tank was not a hindrance to Phil Black from growing his business. It’s clear through his social media accounts that PrepWell is gradually gaining recognition. Additionally, the platform assists thousands of students to make informed decisions on their future plans and help them gain admission to top colleges.

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