The release date for Pokemon Legends Arceus is scheduled for January 28th, 2022 with different times, based upon the location. This time , the developer has provided some rewards to those who pre-ordered with the help of bonuses and gifts.

The game is scheduled to be released across both the United Kingdom and United States today however, players is able to get benefits for pre-orders by placing an order earlier. The players will also have the possibility of exploring the Sinnoh region prior to the release date by gaining bonuses.

Pre-Order Pokemon Arceus Digital has all the latest updates for this new release.

Pokemon Legends Arceus:

Pokemon Legends is an eight-generation action-based role-playing game created by Game Freak. This game was introduced in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Pokeman games and is currently available on Nintendo Switch.

The game’s story takes place in the time in which it was the Sinnoh region was also known as the Hisui region. Pokemon Arceus is expected to play the most prominent role in the game.

It is easy for players to catch the majority of the Pokemon however, some creatures are able to challenge the players.

The balls of this time are made from wood and release steam.

Pre Order Pokemon Arceus Digital:

The game’s creator has provided the players many benefits prior to purchase to purchase the game prior to its launch.

A digital code is included in the purchase of the pre-order that can be used on the Nintendo website.

The pre-order bonus is only available to those who order it prior to the 27th January 2022. The benefits of the pre-order purchase are listed below for gamers.

  • When they purchase games on Amazon’s marketplace Amazon marketplace, users will receive a voucher code that can be used to redeem the game for a game on Nintendo.
  • Players from those from the US and Japan are able to gain access to the Garchomn Kimono Set, an outfit that can be worn with characters.
  • Pre-Order Pokemon Arceus Digital game is available on Amazon on $59.99.

Pre-Order Bonuses for Mystery Game Features:

There are rewards for players who pre-order their games, which are available by using the Mystery game feature within the game.

These benefits go in addition to the freebies mentioned above and are listed below for customers benefiting from pre-order bonuses.

  • Freebies with 30 heavy balls are available, and are able to be used for catching massive Pokemon.
  • The kimono set from Hisuian can be used to dress characters from the game.
  • A cosmetic box dubbed Baneful Fox mask is a great way to decorate the character based on the preferences of the user.

Pre-Order Pokemon Arceus Digitalbonuses could be availed until May 9th, 2022 with two hours playing is required in order to gain access Mystery games features.

The players should keep all of these points in mind in order to reap the advantages of the purchase of a pre-order.

Last verdict

The 25th anniversary celebration of the Pokemon game will provide a wealth of rewards to offer players in the form of prizes and freebies. Belonging Pokemon players will receive additional advantages in the form of characters Shaymin and Darkrai for participating in various games in this Pokemon series.