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Are you aware of the new series of Pokemon Games? Are you one among those eagerly awaiting this series of Pokemon games? The new series was announced in February. It will be released on 18th November 2022.

It is extremely popular to play Pokemon games in countries like Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Nintendo Switch will release this new game in November. Fans wait with anticipation to see the Pokemon Scarlett and Violet Wik.

Characters in This Game

There are many popular Pokemon characters. Nemona, a rival Pokemon character, is one example. A second character is Pokemon Professor. Professor Sada in Pokemon Scarlet is the character, while Professor Turo in Pokemon Violet is the one. In both versions of Pokemon, there are different professors.

In this promotional video, you can see some of the other Pokemon characters. Meowths, Pikachus, Shellders, Hoppips, Larvitas, Flaffys, Magnemites, Psyducks, Gengars, Starlys, Lucarios, Zoroarks, Colossals, Applins, Mimikyu and others can be seen in the video. We can see them in this advertisement for Pokemon Scarlet And Violet .

Pokemon Scarlett, Violet Wik

Open World is where the games Pokemon Scarlett and Violet are found. Open-World Game: Players can freely access the virtual world and explore the various areas. Open-World games allow you to explore the area in any order.

A multiplayer mode allows for four players to play at once in this season’s pokemon. The players can trade and fight together. The Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Wik allow players to visit one another’s areas.

Background Of The Title of Pokemon Scarlett and Violet

The title of this new Pokemon series Pokemon Scarlett, and Violet were taken from Japanese trademarks filed in 2008/09. These trademarks are owned by well-known video game companies such as Creatures or Nintendo. These are just a few examples:

  • Pocket Monsters Crimson
  • Pocket Monster Vermilion
  • Pocket Monster Scarlet
  • Pocket Monster Purple

Two versions of this game were played in 2008, 2009 and are now the first series.

Why are Pokemon Scarlett Wik Popular In News?

Pokemon is a famous videogame series. This game is very popular because of the characters. The launch of the new version for this game was announced in February.

Fans can’t wait to see the new features, so they search online for more details.


Video games are extremely popular with people of all ages. As a mood-relaxant, playing games in leisure is a good choice. Gaming is a great pastime. Pokemon Harlequin and Violet Wikare currently in high demand as it’s the upcoming world-famous Pokemon series.

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