This article discusses Pokemon home error code 10015, and provides solutions.

Are you experiencing error 10015 in the Pokemon Home app? Pokemon Home is a cloud-based app that allows for the storage and transfer of Pokemon between modern Pokemon game systems.

The error is trending among gamers in the United States region and other countries. Let’s learn more about Pokemon Home and discuss Pokemon Home Code 10015further.

What is error 1015 in Pokemon Home

The error is a common one among Pokemon Home users. The solution to error 10015 is not yet known.

We are unable to determine the cause or solution after extensive research. However, the majority of gamers mentioned that this error was due to hacking Pokemon games. Although this is a guess, the game support offered some possible solutions to error 10015. Let’s examine this more.

Solution provided by at the Pokemon Home Support –

The problem is currently unknown. We have however mentioned below a possible solution, which can be found through the support of the platform.

  • To fix the error, you may delete the saved data for Pokemon Home on Nintendo Switch. Then restart the game.
  • It is also possible to uninstall the software from your Nintendo Switch and re-install it.

This error has been reported by many gamers. The Poke Home Support can be reached at any time. Wait for the error to be fixed.

What were the gamers’ reactions when Pokemon Home made error 10015?

Gamers are frustrated and confused by this error. One gamer commented, “Been struggling with this all day. I submitted a ticket. Another gamer stated that it would take 3000 years to fix the problem. We can only hope that it is fixed soon. Such reviews can be found all over social media and on the internet. We are working on the error 10015. We will update you when we have the solution.

Final Verdict –

We have to conclude that the error 10015 cannot be solved until we get it fixed. Until then, you can still enjoy the games you can currently play. Here’s the link for a solution that the support team of Pokemon home has shared.

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