Many people have played Pokemon games, both young and old. Pokemon is a classic game that was loved by everyone in their youth. However, not everyone will like it. To keep players interested, the game offers new missions and challenges from time to time.

Pokemon is a popular game in the United States and Canada.

What is the Catch Cup in Pokemon Go?

Recent updates have been made to the Catch Cup game. From 4th June at 10 AM to 5th June at 6 PM, there will be a Go Fest. This is the Catch Cup, which can only be taken part by Pokemon that were caught during this time.

This makes it difficult to plan the team’s future. This makes it even more challenging because you have to power up your Pokemon quickly.

Catch Cup Pokémon Go 2022

Go battle-taking is a unique experience. Some people think it’s too restrictive because of the many rules and regulations. Others feel it is beneficial to break away from traditional formats and ways of playing leagues.

Timing is the main constraint for players. It’s very similar to the Great league which has many users; other than that, people are excited about the new league.

Rules for Catch Cup

These are some tips regarding the Pokemon Catch Cup and rules for playing in the league.

  • Participants can be any Pokemon caught during the fest.
  • Only Pokemon under 1500 CP are allowed to enter the league. Pokemon that exceeds this limit will be banned.
  • The fest is open to all Pokemon caught during the event, however, this does not include the catches of Egg Hatches or Raids and Field Research tasks.

These rules require players to think more and to plan better to win the game.

Why is this game in fashion: Pokemon Catch Cup

The announcement of the ultra league’s new edition and the go edition was made immediately. It is a popular topic on social media. The league’s rules and restrictions are a topic of great interest to players.

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You can see the rules and other details to see how many restrictions there are. We recommend that players have fun and not take the league seriously.

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