The Pokemon communities day activities are happening and players from Canada and India, Canada United Kingdom, the United States, India, and Australia will be able to earn a variety of cash prizes in this celebration. Two community-based events are scheduled happening in January The second begins on January 22nd, 2022.

Participants should be aware that this event for community members is open for only a short time, and they must make the most of the opportunity.

There are research-related tasks and rewards linked to this day for those who want to know more about the day, continue studying Pokemon Bulbasaur Day Go totill the very end.

What is Pokemon Bulbasaur Day?

Pokemon is an AR game in which players interact with virtual creatures commonly referred to Pokemon. The game was launched in the year 2016.

It is a joint effort that includes Niantic, Pokemon Company, and Nintendo. It is completely free to play and is dependent on ads and in-app purchases to earn its money.

Bulbasaur can be described as one Pokemon that came from the past and will return during the traditional celebration of community days.

It has even named the event in honor of Bulbasaur creaturesand is expected to be more visible in the wild, allowing players to capture it.

Pokemon Bulbasaur Day Go Bonuses:

There are special rewards for players who participate in the three-hour community window provided by developers. A few of the benefits players can avail are shown below.

  • Bulbasaur will be more visible out in nature, while its chances will increase from one 500 to 1 25.
  • Certain in-game rewards are available during the event.
  • It is estimated that the amount of experience available to players is increased by three times if they catch the Bulbasaur.
  • Incense and lure module duration will be extended by 3 hours instead of the regular time.
  • Thirty ultra-balls for free will be available through the store of items in Pokemon go. Pokemon Go game.

Pokemon Bulbasaur Day Go will take place between 2 and five pm, local time. consequently, participants should attempt to maximize the benefits of this opportunity.

How do I get Bulbasaur in The Classic Event?

It will show up during the event. To access it, the participant must open the app and gaze at their avatar.

To make the most of the Bulbasaur encounter, you need to go out into the wild so that trainers will be able to see more of the creature. The chances of spotting the beast will rise automatically by 1 out of 25.

To locate shiny Bulbasaur trainers must go through every grass-type wild in the Pokemon Bulbasaur Day Goevent. The shiny creature’s color will change from light green to green and the user must be aware of this.

The players can also buy an exclusive community box of 1280 Poke coins that include 5 eggs, 5-star pieces elite charged TM 50 ultra-ball, all in one box.

The final verdict

This event for the community offers lots of prizes and rewards for Pokemon players. They must not miss the three-hour period. The odds of getting the Pokemon are higher since it is likely to appear throughout the day.