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Sicbo is one of the most popular folk games in Vietnam. The game originated in China, another name is Sic-bo. Today’s article we will share full information about how to play, the rules of the game and the address of the most attractive online game portal today. Do not miss to compete and receive great prizes from the house.

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Details of how to play Sicbo casino will be specifically guided by the rules of the game and how to bet:


Before participating in game betting, you need to observe and familiarize yourself with the dice table. The basic rules of the game are quite simple, players will bet and predict the results of 3 dice rolled by the dealer in a small box.

You can bet on dice results along with many different types of bets. In each type of bet, there will be different odds of winning and losing. And in each game, you can also bet as much as you want.

How to calculate Sic Bo . points

What is the scoring method in Sicbo shaking? In a game, the system will add up the total of 3 numbers that the player has opened to pay the reward. If the combined result of 3 draws is 10, the points will be the number of units. Specifically, the scoring is as follows:

-If the number returns from 0 to 4, the brothers who place the Under bet win.

-If the number returns normally from 5 to 9, then you bet on Tai to win.

-In case the total returned is 3 identical numbers, then Tam Bao wins.

FAQ about online Sicbo game

Is it legal to play Sicbo?

Not only Sicbo but all forms of live betting are prohibited by Vietnamese law. Players found will be punished according to the laws that have been enacted.

However, this is only a problem that exists when you play betting games in the traditional form. When players organize a casino and directly participate in betting with each other. To play betting games without having to worry about security and legal issues, the right choice for you is through the online format.

Is it easy to play Sicbo online?

Joining the online Sicbo game is simple or not depends on each player. Before betting on any game, you need to know the rules of the game and how to play effectively.


The above article has shared information about the top attractive Sicbo game today. This exciting game will help you get the perfect entertainment time, especially the opportunity to win big prizes from the house. Come to our Don99 bookie to be sure to exchange rewards fairly, transparently, and quickly.