Today, there are millions of educational games and gadgets available on the internet that combine of having fun while learning. Today, we’ll discuss the Pixicade store that offers video game creators for teenagers and children. The store’s shipping options include many areas of the globe like Australia, Canada, United States, Australia, Canada, Netherlands and more. The site has a lot of admirers around the world.

Find out more regarding the items available within these Pixicade reviews..

How do I define Pixicade?

Pixicade is an online store that sells video game maker gadgets for children and teens. The item is said to increase your child’s power, imagination and imagination. Furthermore, the game is the perfect present for children aged 6-13 years old. If you’re not sure about the perfect Christmas present for your child and you’re not sure what to get, then purchase Pixicade because the site offers numerous benefits like free shipping, as well as a 25% discount for each subsequent purchase.

Additionally, the site offers two different variations. In one, you can choose from 7 games for $19.99 for the first, and in the second variant it comes with 8 games in addition to 50 game stickers along with 16 game templates as well as the bonus set of bright markers for $29.99.

However, prior to taking any move, let’s know the facts. whether Pixicade legitimate or a fraud?

What exactly are functions that are available in Pixicade?

  • Website’s URL-
  • Video game maker – Products
  • Domain launch date-18/02/2020
  • Support service mail address- [email protected]
  • Contact number: 1-800-399-5065
  • Company address: Allstar Products Group, PO Box 241, Hawthorne NY 10532
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Transportation time-in-one day
  • Return policy- less than 30 working days
  • The policy on item refunds is 3 to 5 business days
  • Payment options: American Express VISA, DISCOVER, and PayPal
  • Links to social media – there are no hyperlinks are provided on the website.

Let’s find out more about the experience of the customer. Learn more through the following Pixicade Reviews.

Outlining the benefits of purchasing from Pixicade

  • The website is HTTPS secure.
  • The website contains all accurate information.
  • Positive customer reviews are available on the website.
  • Customers can avail exclusive deals.
  • It comes with a lightning-fast delivery.
  • Shoppers can access all the details about the items available on the site.

Lists the drawbacks of buying from Pixicade

  • The website hasn’t been updated regarding its social media presence.

Is Pixicade Legit?

In this article we’ve outlined everything we’ve learned from our study. Furthermore, with the assistance of provided by the pointers you’ve included that you’ll have an accurate idea of the credibility of this online store or not.

Please take a look at the details.

  • Trust index – The received trust rank is not as high as average of 50.4/100.
  • Quality of contentContent quality excellent. This is why there’s extensive details about the product, its offers, policies, etc. On the website.
  • Alexa rank- The store’s Alexa rank is 1126711.
  • Reviews of parents and shoppers have written positive Pixicade reviews on the portal that is certified.
  • Trust score – the website’s index score is 60%..
  • Domain launch date – The domain’s name has been in use for one year since it was registered on 18 February 2020.
  • Originality of Address – The stated details like email address, address of company and phone number are all original.
  • Domain expiration date is 18/02/2027. domain expiration date is 18/02/2027.
  • Existence of social media on the internetThe URL is not mentioned on the official website however we did find the Facebook page that was the first to be created during our investigation.
  • Website policies: It has stated its t&C along with all pertinent policies , including shipping and return, refunds and more.

Which are user Review of Pixicade?

Customers from all over the world have shared their experiences through the official portal and on the internet. Additionally, the website includes all positive feedback about the device. A majority of customers stated that their children are happy with the device, while some claimed that the device isn’t easy to use.

Therefore the product is child loved since it has been receiving more favorable reviews.

the Bottom Line

The verdict from these Pixicade reviews is that it’s completely authentic. Furthermore, interested buyers can purchase from the website. We recommend reviewing the reviews for greater understanding.