Do you enjoy the greenery in your yard? Are you thinking of starting a nursery for plants at home? If so, Pittmoss offers high-yielding organic seeds and plants in the United States. This post will discuss Pittmoss reviews and provide guidance on features, legitimacy, descriptions, and other details.

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The Short Version of Pittmoss Shop

Pittmoss Shop is an online store that sells plants and nurseries. Their plants are durable, increase yielding, make the world greener, and they can be reused. They offer a variety of pots and plants. Here’s a complete list:

  • Organic Potting Mix
  • Coconut Coir Mix
  • Horse Bedding
  • Poultry Bedding
  • Small Pet Bedding
  • Peat Reduced Mixed
  • Organic Soil Conditioner
  • Potting Soil with Nutrient Enhancement

Does Pittmoss have a legal status It is important to ensure safety and security before visiting this shop. Unknown sources may require buyers to be careful when they share their credentials. The shop might be trusted and considered safe by buyers. It is important to not take this for granted. You must take the necessary steps. Here are all the details that can help buyers avoid scams and fraud.

Pittmoss Shop

  • Purchase nurseries from
  • Location: 2603 Duss Ave. PA 15003, Ambridge
  • Phone number: (888-842-3553
  • The email address cannot be found on the website.
  • Some Pittmoss Reviews were found on internet review sites. Many positive reviews can be found on their official website.
  • Return Policy: The return policy is for one month.
  • Sale items are not eligible for a refund. Refunds are allowed for regular items.
  • Shipping policy: Orders are shipped within 4-5 business days. All orders are shipped within two working days.
  • Some accepted payment options include PayPal, American Express and Visa.

Positive Highlights

  • Facebook received positive reviews.
  • You can find many amazing reviews on official websites and online.
  • It is possible to find the location and the phone number.
  • They are sustainable, organic and nutrient-rich.

Negative Highlights

  • The email address is incorrect.

Are Pittmoss Lawful??

Pittmoss Shop is committed to making the world a better place for all generations. While you’ll love their services, it is important to read all information about Pittmoss before making any purchases or planning to create a nursery at home using their plants. Below are some facts about legitimacy.

  • Website Construction: Pittmoss registered on July 8, 2009. This website is 12 years old.
  • RegistrarPittmoss registered with LLC.
  • Trust score:Pittmoss’ trust factor is 96%. It’s a great trust score and buyers can depend on it.
  • Buyers’ Feedback: The official website has excellent Pittmoss Reviews. You can also find many excellent reviews on the official website.
  • Social account: The team discovered pages on Facebook and Instagram. The Facebook ratings were exceptional and very acceptable.
  • Data Security: This website uses the HTTPS protocol for secure data transmission.
  • Privacy policy: All policies required are listed in the layout. These policies include privacy policies, return policies, and others.
  • Incomplete information Our research team located the company’s telephone number and address on this site. Unfortunately, the email address is not available on the layout.

Pittmoss Reviews

Pittmoss is well-known and has given its address and phone number. Unfortunately, the email address was not found. We have located some pages on Facebook and Pinterest as well as Twitter, Instagram, and Twitter. Facebook rated the site 5/5. Instagram had many followers. However, there were positive reviews on trustworthy online sites. There are positive reviews on the official site.

Alexa rated Pittmoss shop high. This is an indication that it is a well-known website. You can also find out more about credit card frauds by visiting this post.

Final Summary

We conclude from this content on Pittmoss reviews that this shop is trustworthy because it has a high life expectancy (12 years) and an acceptable trust score. This shop has been around for a while.

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