Wordle in The New York Times: Have you ever played it? You may have discovered more enjoyable games if you’ve gone through the Wordle menus. A number of players from around the globe, including CanadaUnited States and United Kingdom, are also using Wordle to play mini crosswords.

Did you solve yesterday’s mini-puzzle? Or did you get lost in piques. Let’s get into the Piques Wordle.

Piques: As one’s appetite

Other games offered by The New York Times include Mini crossword and Vertex crosswords, as well as spelling bee, vertex, and The crossword. The Mini crossword is now a very popular game. You can find hints and different puzzles every day in the game. Yesterday’s mini crossword provided hints for each word. Piques is an acronym for one’s appetite. This was a common problem and many players were unable to find the solution.

Other hints include “A little suspicious”, The “S” in GPS: Abbr. Far away from land. Close relatives. Let’s now discuss the most confusing hint: Piques, which is one’s appetite. The answer is “WHETS”.

Piques Game

Piques is sometimes misunderstood as a wordle game. Wordle does not have a similar game to Piques. Piques were part of the hint of the mini crossword on 7 June. Mini crossword allows you to look at the hint inside each block and enter the words. Each day, the game will offer new crossword puzzles. The game can be accessed either through an account or without one.

You will be given hints for each word and asked to fill in the answer by looking at them. Crossword puzzles require you to fill in the answers across and down blocks. Piques Appetite was Whet. Both Piques and Whet have very similar meanings. The desire to have more is what Whet means.

Mini Crossword Answers (8 June 2022).

It is easy to solve mini crosswords. It is difficult to solve all of the puzzles. Some players can solve all the puzzles without any assistance, while others are not able to.

We have the solution to today’s crossword. These answers can be used to help you if you need any assistance. Some words are difficult to guess, according to Piques Wordle. Here are the answers to today’s crossword.


  1. Rice
  2. Nadal
  3. Ebill
  4. Above
  5. Time

Blocks that go down:

  1. Neat
  2. Rabbi
  3. Idiom
  4. Calve
  5. Elle


We have provided detailed information on pique, which is the hint for a mini crossword, in this final post. Find out all about mini crosswords. The New York Times offers mini crosswords as a puzzle game.