Pipionshop Comments provides a true picture of the website and the technical details that support it.

Do you like streetwear and fashionable sneakers? Are you aware that connoisseurs design products? This is because a connoisseur will design the products. It’s a stunning handcrafted work.

Pipionshop is an eCommerce site that sells top-quality products. Pipionshop Customer Reviews.


It was established in 2018, by experts who handcrafted every premium product. They work as a consignment seller to sell authenticated items from many vendors. Pipionshop aims to offer fashionable, athletic products at an affordable cost.

Their products

  • T-shirts
  • Sneakers, shoes, sandals
  • Ecosmart hooded sweatshirts
  • Innerwear for men and women
  • Athletic socks, sportswear for the gym
  • Disposable coloured Masks
  • Jeans for men, women, and children
  • High-waisted yoga pants designed for women
  • Some miscellaneous products


Does Pipionshop Legit To find out the answer, we need to examine the website’s outside features. The website specifications provide the information we need to determine the answer.

  • Customers can buy products at: https://www.pipionshop.com/
  • Contact Information:they have included a random map image under the contact them section, but it is not possible to provide address details.
  • Telephone Number:Contact number is unavailable
  • Mail address: [email protected]
  • Social Media accounts:They have displayed the icons of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter on their home page. But the links to their accounts are not redirecting.
  • Originality in Content:80% of the content
  • Pipionshop reviews: There are no customer reviews
  • Privacy policies: The policy includes children’s privacy. They have upheld the principles of the Children Privacy Protection Act.
  • Return policy They have an eco friendly paper-free returns policy. Customers have to return the product together with their packaging materials. But intricate policy details are unavailable.
  • Customers who fail to return the product in good condition will have their refund cancelled.
  • Shipping policy No delivery fees for orders above 35$. The product will be delivered in 7 to 9 business days.
  • Paypal options:only

Pipionshop reviews are not available at their official website. It is necessary to further investigate their motives.

Positive highlights

  • Some products may be eligible for discounts
  • Every product has been tested.
  • They are more concerned about conserving the environment.

Negative highlights

  • The website design does not make it easy to use.
  • They haven’t sorted their products so it is hard to locate them.
  • The Home page shows the brand name IEVshop. But the website is pipionshop.
  • No return or shipping policy.
  • False information about their activity on social media

Exploring the legitimacy

Is Pipionshop Legit In this section we will analyse the internal elements of the website to help us find the answer to our query.

  • Domain date:the current domain age is less that a month.
  • Domain expiry day:the domain expires on 5th July 2023. It has a very limited life span.
  • Name and address of the Registrar. This website was registered under Namecheap.inc
  • Trust index for the website:1%. This is a very low trust score.
  • Global Alexa Rank: 832173
  • Data safety with HTTPS
  • Customer commentsPipionshop reviews.
  • SEO scoreit’s unobtainable
  • Plagiarism16%
  • Missing data: Who owns the domain? Company name, address, phone number

Summary of Reviews

Their website layout does not include a column to allow customers to leave reviews. This prevented us from obtaining any ratings or customer reviews. There aren’t any reviews of the best-selling products. Also, there are no customer reviews for this website. Pipion products have not been purchased from this website. It is not possible to verify that the website is legitimate. You can see this article: Fraudulent Credit Card.


The Pipionshop Recommendations provided information on the website. This website appears to not be legitimate. The website has a very low trust score, uses a different name than the one it is listed on its homepage, does not provide contact details or details about social media accounts, etc. Therefore, people should be careful with this website. They could lose their hard-earned dollars. Read this Paypal Fraud article. More information.

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