You want to know what the latest Pineapplz Recommendations say? Take a look at these paragraphs for more details.

Do you think you have found threads that verify authenticity? Check out our analysis to find the genuine results. The internet shopping portal gives us an easy way for us to purchase the products that we love. Some ecommerce sites look trustworthy, but many are scams. seems to be a popular choice for many United States buyers. In order to let our loyal readers know that this site is legitimate, we will use a few factors including Pineapplz Ratings.

More Information about The Shopping Site

According to our analysis the site stated that they enjoy every passion, as it makes each person unique. Many suppliers and professionals are available to them to help you get the best deals. Additionally, the online site stated that it stocks all custom products that customers need.

According to the site, there are many items that can be found related to various genres, professions or passions. To find out more, visit the section beneath if you have already visited this site.

Citing Certain Specifications To Check Is Pineapplz Legit

  • The official link to this virtual site is
  • The delivery policy hints are missing.
  • The portal displayed [email protected] in its email address.
  • Our investigation found that 834 Merwin street, Jewett NY, 12444, United States is the official address.
  • The social media icons are included in the detail section for products.
  • Buyers have 14 days to return the product.
  • PayPal is the preferred mode of payment.
  • The site indicated that they will credit the amount instantly if you accept their refund application.
  • The Pineapplz Reviews investigation discovered that clothing items such as pencil boxes, writing boards and pencil boxes are sold on the site.
  • offers a newsletter.
  • Our analysis detected no exchange policy details.
  • The phone number is +1 (623) 999-9388.
  • USPS shipping will take approximately 5-10 days.

Perks Detected

  • We found many social icons.
  • The contact details are listed, including email and telephone numbers.
  • Our survey provided address clues.
  • The ratings of the products can be viewed.
  • The newsletter facility is available.

Drawbacks Seen

  • All products get a 5-stars rating. This creates suspicion.
  • Numerous negative Pineapplz Comments were found on the Internet.
  • The social networks are not functional.
  • It doesn’t look reliable because it isn’t so well-designed.

Is Pineapplz Corrupt?

Do not wait and check out the tips below to find out the real value of this virtual shopping portal.

  • Policy– We discovered that the details for delivery and exchange are not clear. However, we have evaluated other policies including return and shipping.
  • Trust Score We observed an average value, which is 40%.
  • Originality: Based on our analysis, and the comments we retrieved about the given address details, it is clear that the single family property has been constructed. Are Pineapplz Legit
  • Portal Age — The survey indicated that it is 8 Years, 7 Months, and 19 Days old since the 16-10-2013 date when we first noticed its establishment.
  • Clients’ Review – We determined that the website only had a 5-star rating. However, Trustpilot reviews do not seem to be available. However, there were many negative comments from other review platforms.
  • Information: No linked clues.
  • Trust Rating — A good 75.9/100 Value is found.
  • Alexa Rank a 4704823 Alexa Rank was retained.
  • Unreliable discounts – This site does not list products that offer untrustworthy rebates.
  • Domain Suspension date We found out that it will be terminated on 16-10-2022.
  • Social Media Icons Our Pineapplz Finding declared that there are no inoperative icons.

Customers’ Views

Analysing the Trustpilot comments revealed that they are inaccessible. Further investigation revealed that Trustpilot comments are not available. We also found a YouTube video, where a user complained that the portal was fake, stating that they couldn’t reach the phone number or email address. Another user said that the site is a fraud and that he was not interested in reviewing it. Find out how you can get your capital back from credit card scams

The Final Words

This post uses Pineapplz as a critical element to assess the portal’s reliability. We also feel the site is suspect and doubtful after thoroughly researching the factors. Observe the prevention methods for the PayPal con here.