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Do you enjoy wordle? Do you need to know the answer for today’s wordle puzzle? Wordle allows players to guess by using provided hints. Wordle was designed by Josh Wardle (Welsh Software Engineer). Wordle is now trending across Australia thanks to its latest wordle. This wordle was extremely confusing for the players.

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Confusing Wordle

Wordle challenges its players daily to guess the word using a certain set of clues. The puzzle was announced by wordle on 23 July 2022. This puzzle proved to be quite confusing for players. The customers were confused and decided to research more about today’s answer. While many people had different random guesses for the answer to the 23rd-July puzzle, the Pidge was most popular.

Many people are curious about Is Pidge Word after having correctly guessed Pidge. The answer is yes to this question. Yes, Pidge may be a word. However, Pidge wasn’t found to be the right answer for today’s wordle.

Today’s Wordle

The following three hints were found in the 23rd Jul wordle

  • Two vowels appear in the word’s second and fifth positions.
  • D is the third letter of a five -letter word.
  • This is a term that usually refers to insects.

Many people have guessed Pidge based on these clues. This is not true because PIdge definition proves that the word is used to refer to a personal attendant. The answer to today’s wordle is: Without further delay, let us find the answer to today’s wordle. MIDGE was the word which met all the requirements of the hints. Both Pidge (and Midge) have vowels at the fifth and second positions respectively, as well the middle, or third, letter. People were confused as a result. Only Midge can give the third hint. The wordle was answered by Midge (23 July 2022).

Pidge Wordle

Wordle has been one of the most in-demand games in recent years. Wordle challenges players to use their imaginations by asking them difficult questions. One such question was posted on the 23rd of July 2022. Many players were confused by the hints and chose Pidge to be the correct answer.


This article discusses recent confusion in Wordle. We also provide the answer to today’s questionle. We have also discussed why Pidge does not answer today’s questionle.

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