What is Picuki?

Picuki can be described as an online application that lets you to download all images and photos of Instagram( Instagram) account online. The great thing about it is you do not have to register or log in to download images from an account with a particular ID. You just need to input the ID of the account that is associated with the photo you want to download, and after that you will be able to view all pictures that have been posted on your IG account. Picukialso includes some awesome major features, such as the fact that it allows you to edit other users’ posts online, no matter if you want to set filters, cropped, adjusted the saturation, contrast and more. You can do all of it.

Utilizing Picuki isn’t that difficult. I will explain how to utilize Picuki step-by photo step by step..

The official site can be found at Picuki.com

How to use Picuki?

There are two methods to utilize Picuki.

  1. View pictures from your account search
  2. Photos using hashtags

If you are familiar with these two techniques and know how to use them, you’ll be able to easily view Instagram pictures.

Method 1 – Search for your account

1. Click on the link below to access Picuki, a web-based IG image downloader tool.

2. Picuki online IG photo picture download (editable)

3. After entering the Picuki website, you’ll get to its homepage. The process to access Picuki is easy simply by entering the account of the other party’s Instagram profile directly from the site.4. Picuki will then display all the Instagrams associated with that IG account you have entered, typically, you’ll be able to identify the account you’re searching for. After you have found the IG account you’re searching for. For instance, I enter the name of the famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo.5. When you log in to your IG account, you’ll discover that Picuki has posted all of the images and photos of IG posts from the account. Even some posts from the IG account have been made available to help you.

6. Then you can begin to look through all the posts on your IG account! Once you have found the post that you wish to download then click on the link to enter.

7. After entering the post image, if you wish to download this image you need to hit “Download” to download it and since the IG image photo that is available on the Picuki website is at full size. There will be no issue with the thumbnail getting smaller.

Method 2 – Hashtag search

To see Instagram photos by searching hashtags Follow the steps below.

1. Access to Picukilike before pressing the search box.2. Enter the hashtag you’d like to search for and then click”search” and then the “search icon”.3. Click “Tags” above the search results.4. The hashtags that are candidates for use are listed by tapping the hashtag you wish to look up.5. The results of hashtag searches are displayed and you can view the pictures that were posted by scrolling through the screen. Now , you can view the images from the hashtag search.

How can I edit photos in Picuki

1. One of the best benefits of Picuki’s internet-based application, is that it can modify other people’s IG pictures online. This feature isn’t offered in different IG downloaders.

2. Picuki supports you to apply filters, crop, alter the saturation, contrast, exposure and more. to images directly online, which is very easy. After you have adjusted the image and adjusting it, you can download it straight.Alongside Picuki you may use other reliable IG downloaders.

You can view the entire story without logging in.

By using Picuki it is possible to view Instagram stories without having to log into.

If you’d like to view the Instagram story follow the steps listed below.

1. Access the profile page of the person you wish to know more about. Picuki.

2. Tap ” Stories” on the screen for your profile.3. Tap the Icon of the story The image is displayed on the lower right on the display.4. Now you can view Instagram stories without signing into.If the video story isn’t playing you can download it to your smartphone at least once.

You can also play the video by downloading the video file.

Hope that you know how to use it It’s very simple and straightforward to utilize.

There are a few questions concerning the Picuki tool on the internet. Let’s look at them…


Q.1 Your footprints are erased when you browse Instagram via Picuki?

Most of the time, on Instagram the moment you look at a post you see an impression.

Many users want to view Instagram stories with no footprints.

When you stream the Instagram report on Picuki there aren’t footprints.

If you wish to view the story with no footprints, it’s safe to view it on an external website such as Picuki.

Q.2 Are you sure that Picuki legal and secure?

Yes, using Instagram anonymously is an legal secure, safe, and easy way to enjoy all the features of Instagram without risking any unnecessary mishaps.

Q.3 What can I do accomplish with picuki.com?

  • Find famous people
  • Check out posts of celebrities.
  • You can go through the comments on the post.
  • Comment on a blog post and check out a person’s profile (you can also view that person’s profile)
  • You can see the list of positive things that are listed on the blog
  • Hashtag search is an option
  • The story can be seen here.

Q.4 What can I’t accomplish on picuki.com?

  • My profile settings
  • Create your own blog
  • To comment
  • Good
  • Watch livestreams
  • It isn’t possible to download or view files from a private account

Q.5 Do I see the red key (private account)?

We’re sorry, but you’re not able to see any Instagram crucial Red (private account) posts or stories when using this tool.

There is however a tricks that could help. There is a YouTuber who has already discussed this technique.

Q.6 Do you think picuki.com free? Isn’t it not charged in the method?

Absolutely free. You won’t be charged at all.

Picuki.com earns its revenue through the Google AdSense program, so it’s available to the public to use at no cost.

There isn’t any hassle with account registration process.

Q.7 What’s the company that operates picuki.com?

I went to the official Picuki website, but it appears that the information about the company operating isn’t available.

If you’d like to get in touch with members of the picuki.com management committee, other than making an application for deletion of an image you can do this via the next inquiry page on the picuki.com website.

Q.8 Does Picuki anonymous?

It is true that it is anonymous. you can look up photos and stories with no footprints.

Q.9 What is the reason Picuki no longer working? Do you think it is down?

Many users are having problems with Picuki such as loading issues or editor not working. There is even the site is not opening. It’s due to the increase in load on their server. To fix this issue, you must clear the cache on your browser or app you use.


It seems like Instagram can’t be viewed without logging in, however If you’re using a platform such as Picuki, you will be able to view the photos that have been posted without having to sign in.

Furthermore, I’m happy that I’m able to understand the story, and leave no footprints.

It is believed that it could be employed when you want to know the story of someone you are fascinated by something that is hidden.

Please note that you won’t be able to view livestreams or any posts on private accounts.

Be aware it is a possibility that the opposing person has a private user account, you won’t be able to view it on external websites like Picuki.

The most notable feature that is unique to Picuki is that it allows you to not just download all the images and photos from Instagram’s public IG account and edit the images online. This feature is extremely powerful and can be downloaded with no registration or registration, making it highly suggested.