We live in a very competitive generation. We are judged by the clothes we wear, the perfume we put on, the house we live in, the cars we drive, the gadgets we carry, etc. In other words, we live in a materialistic world where objects matter more than our qualities as a person. We are also very human, living in this competitive world. We want to catch up, stay in the competition and be compatible.

The object that you, as a teenager, will most get judged for is your phone. The current latest mobile phones have now reached the price range of nearly a thousand US dollars. Everyone cannot a phone as expensive as that. I mean, a thousand dollars is obviously a lot. That is a luxury we all cannot afford.

A luxury we can afford, although, is the accessories of our phone. Even if you cannot afford an expensive phone, you can afford a fancy phone case for your phone.

We all know what phone cases are. When you buy a phone, you will automatically buy a phone case alongside. As if an unspoken rule, a phone cover comes with a phone. It is up to you whether you buy a fancy phone case or a bland one. A fancy phone cover can give your phone a very elite and sleek outlook. There are many designs you can choose from. The great thing about phone cases is that they do not discriminate. You will phone cases for all phones. You will find a Samsung S10 Plus phone case as easily as you will find an iPhone 12 pro-Max phone case.

Here are some very trendy phone case designs that you can opt for.

Transparent cases.

Transparent cases are the most in-fashion phone cases out there. These cases will let others see the vibrant or pastel color of your phone while adding extra gloss to it. Although transparent cases are minimal and trendy on their own, you can always add to its spice by adding stickers. They give you the opportunity to be creative and let you design your case however you wish to.

Silicon cases.

A safe choice for a teenager, says popular opinion. It provides your phone with protection as well as a sleek overall outlook. Usually, silicon cases have a soft finishing on the inside to protect the body of the phone from scratches.

Mirror cases.

If you want your phone to look absolutely stunning, go with a mirror phone case. A mirror phone case has a strong layer on the inside to protect the phone. The outer layer is glass. Glass mirror cases are the second trendiest phone cases after transparent cases.

Leather cases.

Leather cases give you a sophisticated look. Usually, you will see businesspersons or adults using leather cases. They make you look official and serious which leaves a very positive image of you.

Folio cases.

Folio or wallet phone cases have protective layers for the body and screen as well. You do not even need a phone protector if you opt for a folio case. This phone case is very handy, and convenient if you watch a lot of videos on your phone.