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Play your favorite PUBG or BGMI game with confidence with PGT+ PRO APK. No more stuttering, lagging, delaying. Improve your skills and become the last man standing without an expensive and overkill gaming phone.

Introduce about PGT+ Pro GFX APK

PGT+: Pro GFX & Optimizer is a launcher utility that can change graphics settings, optimize fps and boost gaming performance with unique features like Best settings, Zero lag & Battery Saver mode, Potato graphics, GPU Optimization, Hardware-Accelerated Rendering, Dark Theme, etc

Improved gaming

PGT+: Pro GFX & Optimizer APK has numerous features to help you improve your BGMI/PUBG gaming experience like you can customize basic, miscellaneous, advance & experimental graphics Settings (90FPS Support).

The key feature of PGT+ APK is that it allows budget devices to run PUBG smoothly, optimizes the settings on mid-range devices to balance between performance and appearance of the game, or even helps saving battery on even high-end devices. Although the developers haven’t revealed much about how they actually made it work, it can be seen on the interface of the app that there are some of the advanced graphics settings that you can tweak inside the app to achieve your desired results.

Let talk about some major and useful features of PGT+ Pro GFX Optimizer APK which helps your game to run smoothly and lag free.

Basic settings

The basic settings option in PGT offers a simple way to optimize your game. You can choose the resolution for the game, the overall graphic switches, FPS limit, color scheme, shadows options, and anti-aliasing. While resolution and over graphic switches are straightforward, shadow options and anti-aliasing might sound complicated for novice players. Generally speaking, lowering the value of the setting to gain smoothness, and raising them to make graphics more satisfying.

Shadows and Anti-aliasing are both very demanding to your system. Shadows settings contain the options to switch on and off, the rendering quality of shadows over surfaces. Anti-aliasing contains MSAA and FXAA settings as well as Anisotropy level settings. MSAA stands for Multisample anti-aliasing, an algorithm that samples every pixel and combines with others multiple times before eventually rendering pixels on your screen, therefore the more samples you want, the more stressful your system is because it has to render multiple times for one frame. FXAA is a simpler anti-aliasing algorithm that uses contrast data to find harsh edges and smooth them out, therefore it puts less pressure on your system. It is strongly recommended to turn on only one anti-aliasing algorithm at a time.


The developer of PUBG Mobile confirmed that they do not allow the intervention of 3rd party tools in the game. Because it can cause imbalances in battles. Fortunately, PGT: Pro Graphics Toolkit is completely safe to use. The application works efficiently and stably to help you optimize the game without any warning from the developer.

This app is not a h@ck tool for PUBG Mobile, it is simply something you can interfere with the graphics settings for a smoother gaming experience.


The first thing you may notice in the PGT’s main interface is the one that says “Best settings for your devices”. You might think that the app will automatically determine the best settings based on your hardware performance, but it is more complicated than that. Inside the option lies thousands of presets for you to choose from and then automatically apply your selection to your next game section. You can search for your phone model and select the correct one that shows up, or if you want, you are totally free to apply another phone model’s preset. The choice is totally yours.

Presets are the solution for those who do not have knowledge of the hardware and graphics settings in PUBG. Instead of having to set the settings yourself, you just need to choose a preset that matches your device, then the app will automatically optimize the game according to the preset settings. One great thing is that PGT PRO offers a lot of Presets, they are suitable for most popular Android devices today, including low-end devices.

Multiple game variant support

Since PUBG Mobile has more than one version to serve its players in different locations of the world, PGT also has to change accordingly to support all of the variants. However, since the game does not detect what version you are having, you need to select your variant manually. PGT is currently supporting all game variants, however, make sure you updated your game to version 1.1x for PGT to be effective. You can choose from Global version, Global version beta, Lite version, and nation-specific variants such as China, Korea, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

Advanced settings

These settings are unique and really help in gaining performance while suppressing unnecessary background tasks. Memory Boost cleans up your internal memory – your RAM – to give more room for your game to use. Zero Lag mode is an ultimate switch that lets you decide the tradeoffs between performance and battery. You can also choose your API for rendering, specifically OpenGL 2.0, OpenGL 3.1+, and Vulkan. These settings are for pro players, however, feel free to consult the developer team or your PUBG Mobile community if you really want to mess around. Since everything will be reset once the game is closed, there will be no catastrophe if your settings happen to be incorrect.

Additional features

There are options to enable experimental features that are not publicly available. These features are not stable enough to release, however it is somewhat usable and therefore you might want to try out. For example, you can enable Enhanced sound quality to have a more immersive experience that resembles the PUBG game on PC, or you can switch between HDR modes.

In Miscellaneous Graphics, you can also find more minor settings, such as the option to turn on 32 bit and 64-bit color mode, changing between levels of graphics rendering, and turn on Light effects. These settings do not greatly affect your gameplay performance, however, consider turning it off if your game becomes laggy and you have done everything necessary to boost the FPS.

Why use PGT+ PRO APK?

Since its launch on February 9, 2018, PUBG Mobile has become one of the most popular mobile games with hundreds of millions of players globally. Starting as a game for PC and Console, it is not surprising that PUBG Mobile requires a strong hardware configuration for the best game experience. As a result, many Low-end devices were unable to run the game even at the lowest settings. Not only that, but the developer optimization for this mobile version is really bad that even some High-end devices have problems running it. There are very few options in the graphics settings that a player can interfere with. That is why PGT PRO was born and it can solve all the problems that we mentioned above.

Specifically, this application provides tons of customizations that allow you to intervene deeper into the game to make changes in image quality, sound, shadows, frames.

It helps optimize PUBG Mobile or Battlegrounds Mobile India Indefficiency so that the game can run many times smoother and more stable. Don’t think PGT PRO APK is only for low-end devices because it even helps optimize games on High-end devices for a better gaming experience. You will certainly be surprised by the effect that this application brings.

What’s Unlocked

  • Force Update removed
  • All features unlocked (Including 90FPS)

Download PGT+ PRO (GFX & Optimizer)

Download PGT+ PRO and use pro graphics toolkit is indispensable to the PUBG Mobile game that always comes in handy for anyone, on any device. If you play PUBG Mobile on a budget and mid-range devices that are not designed for intensive gaming, the tool can magically make your game less demanding and become playable. In case you have a high-end flagship device that can surely run anything, there are experimental features for you to discover.