We are less than three days away from the start of the last Dota 2 Major of 2022. These days, the qualified teams will travel to Arlington, Texas city, to finish settling and prepare for the start of the upcoming event. This afternoon PGL was in charge of releasing the list of matches with their respective schedules and broadcast channels corresponding to the first day of what will be in the Group Stage.

Speaking of the first stage, we will see a total of 18 teams from the six major regions playing through the single-round robin competition format in games at the Best of two (Bo2). After the opening matches, the winners will play with each other, as will the losers to determine their path in the first division of the tournament. The top 12 teams from each group in this stage will qualify for the Playoffs, while the remaining six squads will be eliminated from the contest.

Below, we will take a closer look at the details of the Major Arlington betting opportunities that will be played on the first day of the Group Stage. In addition, all the betting markets and odds for the matches mentioned below are available to follow with the https://gg204.bet/en-ca/ link.

Group A

Between August 4 and 16, we will have access to sixteen series from each group almost every day. So, the last Major of this season promises to bring us a lot of emotions. Starting from the first group, we would like to highlight and analyze a few matches in which we personally expect to find loads of epic action.

Fnatic vs OG

On paper, OG is the big favorite and is likely to have an easy race against its first opponent. That said, the team doesn’t happen to have much experience with clubs from SEA. Fnatic is one of the main protagonists from its respective region. So, it will be fun to watch this series.

It is also worth noting that Fnatic will play with a new list in this event due to some visa problems of the most players. So, in this battle, both teams have the opportunity to win, but OG has a small advantage.

OG vs Team Liquid

This series will place together two of the best teams from Western Europe. Both squads have secured their presence in the Major by winning most matches during the Summer Tour. That said, OG lost to Liquid in the tiebreaker finals, and therefore, can have more motivation to take revenge. 

Outsiders vs Royal Never Give Up

Another great match awaits us on the first day. Outsiders, the dominant force in Eastern Europe, will take the stage against the powerful Chinese team. In Tour 3, both squads showed first-tier matches and finished the qualifier in the first two places.

They have been playing at the highest levels for quite a long time, and it seems to continue like this unless something goes wrong. With that being said, Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev returns to the big scene and will try to show his prowess during the Major.

Royal Never Give Up vs Quincy Crew

After a confrontation against Team Liquid, the North American organization will have a battle versus one of the best teams in China. As we have said earlier, Royal Never Give Up has shown the type of dominance of the league play this season, securing the place for Arlington quite easily. Nevertheless, Yawar “YawaR” Hassan and his teammates will be eager to prove themselves during Day 1.

Group B

Though Group B features fewer teams after Xtreme Gaming withdrew from the event due to some visa problems, it still has many top-tier squads in store. Let’s take a look at the top three series of the first day that we can’t wait to see.

EG vs Aster

Evil Geniuses and Aster will face each other in the opening match of this Major. The North American organization will try to take revenge after failing to beat any team in the last Major. Also, the players from EG have had much experience against clubs from China. So, it will be fun to watch if Aster can survive from its mighty opponent.

BOOM vs Tundra

Both teams have finished the Tour 3 in the first two places in their respective regions. However, BOOM had consistent results in the last couple of months, something that Tundra Esports lacked. With the results of the Riyadh Masters 2022, the Philippines organization suffered consecutive losses and didn’t live up to the fans’ expectations.

NaVi vs beastcoast

The series between NaVi and beastcoast promises something for the pleasure of sight since both teams are equally matched. The CIS organization finally returns to the professional scene and has to compete against one of the best squads from NA. However, with quite a long break from the big stage, we think the North American team is closer to winning this match.