Petbotlex reviews offers a comprehensive analysis of the website as well as technical determinant information.

Do you know anyone who strongly urges you to protect the environment? Are you aware that there are simple ways you can save the planet? You are still unsure about how to proceed.

Recent times have seen a rise in support for eco-friendly clothes products among the United States. Petbotlex is an online e-commerce site which sells eco-friendly T-shirts.

An overview the shop

Petbotlex is an e-commerce website that sells comfortable t shirts for women and men. It is unique in that the website sells eco friendly t-shirts. To make each tee, they use high-quality cotton and Polyester materials. The latest cloth screen printers have been installed so that the tees last longer than other clothing. This helps to reduce cloth waste.

Their products are

  • T-shirt for player
  • Wear calm-themed t-shirts
  • Athletic tee-shirts
  • T-shirts that are video gaming-themed

Specifications of Website

Is Petbotlex Legit The company’s efforts are the key to the answer. There are so many new websites popping up every day that it is difficult to know which one is legitimate. This will remove any doubts about the website.

  • Customers can petbotlex products at:
  • Email to Contact: They are located in Florida, United States.
  • Mailing id: [email protected]
  • Social media accounts Facebook and Instagram icons: Pinterest icons are in their contact section. But, the account links to their accounts are not opening. They redirect to the social media homepage.
  • Payment options: customers have the option to pay via PayPal
  • Petbotlex Reviews : customers reviews are not available
  • Contact number: +1-659-210-3953
  • Content originality: 50 % plagiarized content
  • Privacy Policy: They provide a detailed explanation of how they process customer’s personal data. Shopify is used to enforce the privacy policy.
  • Return Policy All customers have the right to return products within 14 days of receiving their purchase receipt.
  • Return policy: customers are eligible to a refund after a thorough inspection and inspection of the returned product
  • Shipping policy: All customers are exempt from delivery charges. Delivery will take between 1 and 3 days.

Petbotlex reviews are not available for all products. It is possible that the specifications parameters are not as expected. This warrants a mandatory evaluation.

Petbotlex Advantages

  • They deliver to all customers at no extra charge
  • They provide high-quality tees at a fair price.
  • They put so many effort into the product description.

Petbotlex disavantages

  • The brand will not announce any discounts.
  • They have faked their social networking activity.
  • They do not have an “about” section.
  • The website only sells 4 tees.

Legitimacy assessment

Is Petbotlex Legit It is vital to determine the legality of the petbotlex brand. People are being fooled by fake website data. We will analyse its technical indicators in order to avoid confusion.

  • Domain age The petbotlex website was created 16/06/2022. This means that the domain age of potbotlex is less than one month
  • Domain expiry: This domain has a limited life-span and expires on the 16th of June 2023
  • The Registrar’s Name: 123Reg Ltd
  • Trust index for petbotlex website: 2.2%; very low index
  • Global Alexa Ranking: ranked at 5975988
  • Data safety: HTMLS is detected
  • Customer Reviews: Petbotlex Reviews are unattainable
  • SEO score had a decent score of 62%
  • Plagiarism Content: Potbotlex website is 50% plagiarized and only 50% of its content is original
  • Company name: hiding because of privacy issues

Petbotlex Summary

Although customer reviews and comments can help us determine the authenticity of a shop, we were unable to see the reviewers for Petbotlex products. The website only sells four tees, and they didn’t get one review. This website may be fraudulent. You can read this article Scamming with credit cards


As such, the Petbotlex reviews article provided details about the website. This website is not legitimate as it has a low trust score, and more than half its content is plagiarized.

This Paypal scam can also be read by readers. In the future, people should be more careful when they come across these kinds of websites. More information about t shirts.

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