Did you know that Santa Paws is a feature in Pet Simulator X? This article will talk about Santa Paws. You will also learn more about Pet Simulator X.

Roblox games are very popular in Indonesia , Philippines, and the United Kingdom. Every update is a new feature that makes the games even more interesting for gamers. Santa Paws are part of Pet Simulator X’s Christmas Update.

Let’s talk Pet SimulatorX Santa Pawsfurther.

What is Pet Simulator X and how does it work?

Let’s get started by briefly introducing the game. Pet Simulator X features many new and exciting features. This game lets you explore an adventure world and view hundreds of adorable pets.

This game is the third in the Pet Simulator series. It allows you to earn coins and buy eggs. Eggs can be used to hatch exciting pets. There are many features that keep gamers entertained.

Santa Paws

Santa Paws can be found as one of the mythical pets within Pet Simulator X. Santa Paws can be bought from the Christmas Tree eggs and Egg of many gifts. These pets are rare and have very little chance of becoming pets.

Santa Paws offers a variety of gifts to players, including Gingerbread, Diamonds, and Boosts. Not to be confused with Pet Simulator, this pet is only available during the Christmas event. Get it as soon as possible.

Santa Paws

Here are some characteristics of this pet from Pet Simulator X.

  • Santa Paws are available in three colors: regular matter, golden matter, and dark matter.
  • Mythical.
  • Level – -18b- 18.6b
  • Golden Level – -54b -55.2b.
  • Dark Matter Level – -360b -368b.
  • Rainbow Level: -125b-129b
  • Chances of this Egg in Eggs of Many Gifts (Assumption). 0.00863%
  • Chances to get this Egg in Christmas Tree Egg is 0.000158%

Pet SimulatorX Santa Paws appears very rare.

The Final Verdict

Santa Paws is a rare pet in this game. To obtain this pet, you can try your luck hatching Eggs of many gifts or Christmas Tree Eggs.

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