Galaxy Fox From The Planet Egg is the best game-based pet to play with in Pet Simulator X. A lot of players around the world are interested in knowing more about this pet. In this article we will look at Pet Sim X Galaxy Fox.

About The Planet Egg

Planet Egg Planet Egg is the only second egg to skip Legendary Rarity in Tech World. The completion of this quest in Alien Forest from Pet Simulator X unlocks the Planet Egg. The Planet Egg requires 173 million Tech Coins to hatch. While hatching the golden variant cost 1.55 billion Tech Coins.

Jelly Alien, Alien Arachnid Red Fluffy, Blue Fluffy, Blue Fluffy, Jelly Alien, Red Fluffy, and Galaxy Fox are the five pets you can find inside the Planet Egg. The egg’s golden version is currently the most expensive egg available in Tech World. It also has it’s Galaxy Fox, the greatest pet available in the game right currently.

About Galaxy Fox

It is said that the Pet Sim X Galaxy Fox is a legendary pet. It is the most sought-after pet available in the game. The pet is available via the well-known Planet Egg. The chance of the hatching of the Galaxy Fox is just 0.0004 percent, making it one of the rarest. Additionally, it has a higher chance of hatching at 0.011 percent.

Galaxy Fox is termed the most powerful and powerful character since the latest Alien Update in Pet Simulator X. The next character on the list of powerful and strong character includes Alien Parasite, obtained from Alien Forest by Martin Egg.

Pet Sim X Galaxy Fox

It’s the re-model that is a re-model version of the Epic Pet Empyrean Fox, with only a 12-percent chance of being born out of an Empyrean Egg. It is believed that the Empyrean Fox was one of the strongest pets with most impressive stats in the golden level of the rainbow level as well as that level of dark matter.

The other unique thing about The Empyrean Fox pet was that it was the only pet that could be acquired by the completion of an achievement.The gold version of the Epic Pet can be obtained through the Holy Chest Achievement. A dark matter variant of it was also available.

How do I get Galaxy Fox?

Finding Pet Sim X Galaxy Fox by creating an egg in the Planet Egg is not the only choice. The players who play Pet Simulator X can also purchase Galaxy Fox as a Galaxy Fox pet from the Travelling Merchant located at the Shop located within the game, and also The Mystery Merchant at the Trading Plaza or in the Cave biome.

Galaxy Fox is available in three variants three versions: golden, normal as well as dark matter the same like the predecessor Empyrean Fox. The dark matter variant is the strongest currently available.


The most powerful pet found in Pet Simulator X, Galaxy Fox is extremely powerful. Chances of hatching the pet in an egg from the Planet Egg are rare.