This Pease Wordle article explains the Wordle 349 Solution. It also demonstrates the gameplay.

Do you need the answer, hints or rules to Wordle 349? Are you having difficulties solving the yesterday’s puzzle game problem? We can help you if yes. Even though the puzzle might seem exciting and interesting to solve, you may still need clues and hints.

Wordle is an extremely popular game enjoyed by many game enthusiasts in India and Canada. This post will explain in detail about Wordle 349 (Pease Wordle), a popular game around the globe.

Wordle 349. – How do you solve ?

Would you be excited to find out the answer to yesterday’s Wordle 349? First, we will show you the hints so you can quickly guess what the correct word is based on them. Despite knowing these hints some people respond with ‘Pease’, while Wordle 349 correctly says ‘PHASE.

Wordle 349- Follow These Hints

  • The word begins with P, the letter that starts with the letter.
  • The correct term is the one that ends with E.
  • Today’s right words will have more than one vowel

These hints cause confusion because of the many words that are following them, as we have discussed below.

All Answers Possible to the Game Wordle Pease:

If we follow the above points, then we can guess the following words:

  • Padle
  • Padre
  • Paire
  • Paise
  • Pagle
  • Pease
  • Phase
  • Pance

However, the correct wordle term is PHASE from the above-mentioned list.

Wordle Game

It’s a game where you solve 5-letter words. This game is very popular worldwide. Josh Wardle developed this fun puzzle game. You will need to solve the puzzle by using some clues.

Wordle answer words should have some meaning. For example, most people assumed that Pease Wordle was an Answer to Wordle 349. However, the actual answer is ‘Phase.’ This means a process or development/change.

How to Play Wordle Game

  • Visit the official Wordle site.
  • Start to notice all the hints, and then think about making a 5-letter phrase based on these.
  • Users will have six chances overall to find the correct solution.
  • Once you have made your guess, the box color will change to another colour, such as yellow, green, or gray.
  • If the letter has green colour it means it is correct. If yellow, it indicates that it is wrong.
  • Like yesterday’s Wordle: If you put ‘E’ at 2nd place in Pease Wordle reply, the grey colour will display, which means that the letter was incorrect.
  • The best thing about this game is the fact that you can share your results with your friends.


You discovered many clues to help you solve the wordle 349 puzzle. This article has provided all clues and answers to help you get past yesterday’s Wordle. is still available if you need more details about the Wordle349.

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