PDF to PPT converter

PPT is a file format used by Microsoft PowerPoint. This extension is often used for educational purposes to presenting information in front of an audience. sodapdf Usually these files contain various slides of different information like a text, sounds, photos and videos. Even being the best presentation software, PowerPoint is not the best file type for distributing documents to people.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a versatile file format created by Adobe. The PDF file format gives people an easy way to present and exchange documents, no matter what operating systems of software being used to view the document. Everyone sees a PDF document exactly the same way, so for example, it means that it does not matter if recipient does not have the fonts used in the document, because these fonts are embedded in the file.

Converters make it simple to convert one files extension to another, like a PPT files to PDF documents. Microsoft Office 2013 and newer, allows to convert PowerPoint files to PDF by simply choosing Export as PDF in the File menu. But if you want to perform batch PowerPoint conversions, merge PDFs, or edit PDF files after you’ve converted the document, you’ll be better served by dedicated PDF converter software.

1. 2pdf.

2pdf.com this is a free website, it is well organized and has a user-friendly interface. The website includes a wide variety of free online pdf tools like a converter to or from PDF and not only PPT files but also Word and Excel files, png and jpg. It also allows you to edit and organize PDFs files. An excellent all-in-one PDF conversion and editing tool. To do converting you need to select Convert section on the main page and click on the file extension you need in drop-down list. Then upload the file, you can do it from files directory or using drag-and-drop function. When the file is uploaded you can select orientation, page size and more different options, if you need. When you are done, wait for the file conversation to complete and download it or export it to Google Disk or Dropbox.

2. Soda PDF. Soda PDF is an intuitive PDF converter and editor that you can use to convert PowerPoint documents to PDFs, as well as many other file types. Conversion features are available on the cheapest paid tier, and available throughout all of the other plans. Soda PDF has both desktop and online versions. The software has support for PowerPoint conversion, merging multiple Microsoft Office files into a single PDF, and batch creation of PDFs from multiple PowerPoint files.

3. Adobe acrobat. One of the Adobe team made the PDF, so it is no surprise their PDF management software is close to best. But there is one thing that doesn’t make the software the best and this thing is the high cost. Adobe Acrobat for business is way more expensive than most other providers. But still, it is one of the best available PDF conversion. Adobe Acrobat PDFs to PPT converting will always have the highest quality, with several optimization settings available. Advanced security features, as well as OCR, are also included. 

4. PDFMate PDF Converter. A great and free PDF to PPT converter that also has some advanced features. In addition to PPT, this tool can convert PDF from and to TXT, DOC, IMG, HTML, SWF files extension. PDFMate allows to convert multiple files at the same time. It is powerful tool and easy to use.