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Get Local Insight by Partnering with an SEO Company in Malaysia

Brand managers can be forgiven for seeking out the biggest international SEO companies to help them with their online marketing. After all, they might say to themselves, “If these companies were able to help business overseas succeed, why shouldn’t we partner with them also?” 

But if you’re selling your services worldwide, how much quality time can you expect to give each client? These brand managers may be overspending for services that aren’t really what they need. The international SEO company may not be providing the amount of local focus along with sophisticated SEO the brand can use to boost their brand awareness and drive traffic to their site. 

They also don’t realise that digital marketing contains a lot of situations where local knowledge is an asset and that an SEO company in Malaysia will be much more responsive to the nuances of working in the Malaysian digital marketplace. 

Trends Matter

You want to partner with a local, experienced SEO company that knows the ins and outs of the Malaysian digital marketplace and doesn’t have to perform research into it to be able to work effectively. You want a partner that knows how to recognise trends in your industry as they’re happening and understands how to respond to them. 

Trends matter. They often are indicative of a brand that is top of their marketing game and one that is lagging behind the competition. A company that’s half a world away is not the company that you want to have to watch for local trends. 

Failing to respond when all your competition responds will often cost you in site traffic and website rankings. Adjusting keywords to address a trend or bringing it up in new content are just two of the ways that an intelligent and experienced local SEO company might address a trend. 

Communication is Key

You also want to partner with an SEO company that cares about your success as a business and doesn’t just think of your brand as a number to add to their client list and enhance their reputation. You want to work with an agency that will always be on the other end of the phone when you have an idea for a campaign or want to change the focus of the marketing effort. 

Communication is also crucial with your customers. You want an SEO and marketing partner that understands the needs and lifestyle of your audience and can think like them. This can be the difference between a marketing campaign that seems like all the other campaigns and one that resonates with your audience. This can also be the difference between engaging your audience for the long term or not reaching them at all. 

Before you partner with any SEO company, please get in touch with Primal. We’re an award-winning, local Malaysian SEO and digital marketing company that has our fingers on the pulse of the Malaysian digital marketplace.