Panda Patrol is a community-driven NFT. It is aimed at protecting real-life Pandas by giving 25% of its profits to charities to support Panda conservation. Since they are Panda Patrol holders, users are granted voting rights as well as 25% of the revenue from minting. Panda Patrol team also offers 50% royalty, as well as access to the private DAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO).

You are aware of the benefits from Panda Patrol from the United States, let us look at the specifics about Panda Patrol NFT.

What is Panda Patrol?

Panda Patrol is a new NFT which is backed by Sonal (SOL). Panda Patrol is an exclusive collection of 2,222 hand-drawn pandas that were sold by SOL. The pandas were whitelisted to be released a day earlier, and cost just 0.8 SOL.

All Pandas are unique due to creating more than 120 characteristics. Pandas are part of the Panda Patrol Multiverse, where breeding of pandas as well as the creation of new Pandas is happening.

What is the way Panda Patrol works?

  • You could trade Pandas for Panda Patrol.
  • Because Panda Patrol is an NFT and you must buy Panda Patrol NFT and keep it in a safe place so that you can market them at an income in the future.
  • Airdrops and giveaways are offered from The Panda Patrol team to its members.
  • There are legends of Pandas which are traded to take part in a contest that will award you $50K SOL
  • The One Super Legendary Panda is included and will be worth $75 SOL.
  • Four unique Pandas are included and will each be worth 40 SOL The _ is the _ that you can use to create

Founders of Panda Patrol:

Nazar Yermashov is owner and operator of PandaPatrol NFT. More than 3 years’ working experience with Social Media Marketing and the Cryro Market.

Hugo Large is founder of Panda Patrol NFT. More than 5 years’ expertise in programming.

Panda Patrol Price Statistics:

  • Average Price Last 7 Days– 1.04 SOL
  • Floor Price– 0.98 SOL
  • Total Listed Count– 663
  • Total Supply– 2,222
  • Total Volume Including All Prices And Marketplaces– 994.41 SOL

Panda Patrol Predictions:

When Panda Patrol was launched one day ago, price predictions are expected from experts.


  1. What exchange Panda Patrol is listed?

Ans. Panda Patrol is currently listed on Magic Eden Launchpad only and is available for trade in SOL.

How to buy Panda Patrol NFT ?

  • The production of Panda Patrol begins at 9:30 midnight UTC on the 19th of January 2022.
  • Setup Phantom digital wallet
  • Make sure you fund your wallet using SOL. You should have at minimum 1.01 SOL, which includes slippage.
  • Access Magic Eden Launchpad and
  • Swap SOL with PandaPatrol NFT


Panda Patrol is a brand new project that was launched at the beginning of January in 2022. Its RoI as well as price prediction data will be made available within a couple of weeks since it’s only just a few days old. The current price for every Panda Patrol costs between 0.50 SOL and 0.98 SOL, which is a very low cost to invest. We suggest you wait for a few weeks to see the market’s trend.