Because shoes are so vital in a man’s wardrobe—possibly the most significant component of clothing—a here’s list of must-have men’s footwear. Aside from nailing the fit, most men should start with a couple of high-quality pairs of shoes. Gentlemen, it’s time to evaluate your present shoe collection, both what you have and what you could need. Also, Mens Golf Shoes are one of the best options that make your outfit attractive.

 Men’s Shoes That Must Be Worn

Let’s get this celebration started, shall we? Here are our top picks for the six most important pairs of elegant shoes for guys, plus a few extras for good measure.

The Brown Brogue is the first. 

What are the men’s shoes that every man should have? Brown is the colour of the brogue. Any man’s wardrobe will be complete without it. It’s as appealing as it is functional. Are you prepared for what’s about to happen? The word “brogue” comes from the Gaelic word “bro,” which literally means “shoe.” Brogues are defined by their pierced or embellished leather uppers with decorative perforations. Brogues were first used to drain muddy water from leather shoes, according to mythology.

A full-brogue (wingtip) in a tan/cognac tone is a fantastic choice if you’re feeling sartorial. Remember that a pair like these is bound to attract attention, so if you’re not used to it, try with a darker brown with less broguing. This will ease you into brogues while also giving you a variety of alternatives for combining with jeans, chinos, and wool pants.

That is the bottom line.

Brown brogues are a must-have for any elegant casual ensemble. It may be dressed up or down with well-fitting jeans or a stylish suit, and it will look great on you from the office to the dance floor at any time of day or night.

2. Suede Chukka (Suede Chukka) 

Is it surprising that it’s ranked second? This is for a good purpose. It’s not as formal as brogues, but it’s still more formal than a sneaker. The chukka boot was the first dress-casual shoe, and it offers a lot of versatility. Chukkas can be dressed up or down by wearing them with dark wash jeans and a white t-shirt.

The chukka is a simple shoe with open lacing and two or three sets of eyelets. Suede or leather are commonly used to make this ankle-high boot.

Did you know that the desert boot, which is a form of chukka, originated in the British military? Many soldiers favoured chukkas for leisurewear because of their comfort and durability in harsh desert conditions.

The bottom line: Chukka boots are a mix of dressy and casual, with a preference for the latter. Suits become easily elegant with chukkas, and your casual options are unlimited.

The Brown Loafer is number three. 

When I think of this attire, the adjectives casual, comfy, and stylish spring to mind. They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The summer shoe of choice is loafers. Who says you can’t wear them throughout the year? Loafers, like the brogue and chukka, go with both formal and casual outfits. Because of its versatility, the loafer has made its way into my top. Although loafers are not appropriate for wearing with a complete suit, they look great with a sports coat and jeans or chinos. A dime or a tassel are your options.

Did you know that tassel loafers evolved from the same style as today’s boat shoes? Lace-ups are more formal than loafers. A brown pair is ideal for optimum versatility. Whether you choose leather or suede is entirely up to you.

Bottom line.

Loafers are synonymous with summer. The traditional weekend shoe is stylish, comfy, and easy to slip on.

4. The Minimalist Sneaker 

Even the most dapper of gentlemen love a relaxed look now and then. With the casual look still popular, having a go-to casual men’s shoe selection is crucial. It’s perfect for a variety of casual settings, such as ballgames and backyard barbecues.

Did you know that the first canvas sneaker (Keds) was invented by the United States Rubber Company in 1892? According to legend, the term “sneaker” became widespread due to a marketing campaign. The sneaker’s rubber sole allows you to sneak up on unsuspecting folks.

That is the bottom line.

The canvas shoe is a stylish, versatile, and comfortable alternative to flip-flops. When you want to keep it incredibly casual in the summer, this is the look to go for.

5. The Oxford or Derby University 

The obligatory Oxford or Derby appear in my top five (also known as blucher). A man’s first formal pair of men’s shoes is normally a black Oxford or Derby. That was definitely the case in my situation. However, it was of the square-toed sort, which I highly discourage. A more traditional rounded toe Oxford or Derby is the way to go.

You could be perplexed as to what the difference is between the two. In a nutshell, Oxfords and Derbys have closed laces and open laces, respectively. Oxford or Cambridge: which is more formal? If you’re interested, here’s an article that goes over the differences in depth.

Oxford is named after the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, in case you didn’t know. The Oxfords, sometimes known as the Balmorals, have Scottish and Irish roots.

Funerals, marriages, and black-tie gatherings, on the other hand, are reserved for the most solemn occasions. Brown is a more relaxed and adaptable colour. The lighter the colour, the more relaxed the environment.

That is the bottom line.

Any man’s wardrobe should include the Oxford and Derby. They’re sleek and fashionable, separating the guys from the kids.

6. The Brown Leather Boot 

The brown leather boot rounds up the top six must-have appealing footwear for men. A pair of brown leather boots with a purposeful cut. You can easily add a bit of stylish sophistication or rebellious ruggedness to your look, depending on the style.

You can choose between a casual work boot and a refined dress boot. Whatever the case may be, a well-worn pair of boots has a certain allure. To attain that desired worn-in look, some guys purposely beat up their boots.

Brown is a good choice because it complements dark wash denim, corduroy, chinos, and wool pants. When I’m wearing rugged boots like the Wolverine 1000 Mile, I like to cuff my jeans for a more casual look.

The bottom line is that. 

Brown leather lace-ups are both practical and fashionable. This is the perfect fall and winter shoe. Dress them up and then take them down. Clean them up and begin again.

Did you know that this word comes from a time when monks in Europe wore buckled shoes instead of sandals? Many smart men own at least one pair of double monks, despite the fact that they aren’t for everyone.

The bottom line is that

The monk strap is a stylish shoe that looks well with a suit or jeans and a blazer.

The Chelsea Boot (number 8) 

The Chelsea boot remains a popular choice. Although the Chelsea has a traditional look, it is not for everyone. For the longest time, I loathed the look, but after seeing how nicely they worked with jeans and chinos, I changed my opinion. Did you know that the Chelsea boot has a Victorian origin and has been around for approximately 150 years?

The bottom line is that

The Chelsea boot’s simple silhouette makes it appropriate for a number of styles; professional or casual, your choice.

9. Casual Sneaker 

Finally, a pair of good ol’ casual running sneakers round out our list of men’s must-haves and nice-to-haves. These men’s sneakers are perfect for more casual outfits and the trendy athleisure look, however they aren’t particularly meant for running these days.

Whether you have errands to run or people to meet up with, the casual running shoe is a comfy option. Wear them with a blazer and rolled-up jeans, or joggers and a ball cap. A word about shoe odour: For freshening and eradicating sneaker odour, it is strongly recommended to use high-quality shoe spray.

Running Sneakers 

The sneaker, sometimes known as plimsolls, has been around since the late 1700s. During this time, believe it or not, there was no distinction between the left and right shoes.

That is the bottom line.

Casual sneakers are stylish and comfy, and the right pair can give you a laid-back, fashionable style.

What Socks Should I Wear With My Shoes? 

There is no such thing as a correct or incorrect sock colour. What matters is the colour scheme you choose. When buying socks, colour, design, and fabric are all significant considerations. These look fantastic with a pair of dark-colored men’s sneakers. As a general guideline, your socks should be the same colour as your shoes and close to the shade of your pants. Finally, think about the colour of your shoes and pants, as well as the colour of the rest of your outfit.