This Obsole Wordle article will help players solve the Quordle. Here are the details for the game’s hints.

How curious are you to solve Wordle. It is important that you are familiar with wordle. You can upgrade your word skills by switching to quordle. Quordle is an enhanced version of Wordle. You must try it if your goal is to expand your vocabulary. These games are extremely popular in Australia as well as the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Ovoid Wordle will help our reader find the correct solution to an extended Wordle version, Quordle. Keep reading to clarify all doubts.

Is Ovoid the answer to Wordle’s question?

Many players have difficulty understanding the meaning of Ovoid. They mistakenly interpret it as Wordle’s solution. But it is the solution to Quordle. The right answer to Quordle from July 13, 2022 is Ovoid. We all know it has four solutions. The first three are Nymph and Speck. Feral is the last. Ovoid is the final solution.

Ovoid Definition

Ovoid refers to a form that is more or less like an egg. The meaning of the word ovoid is not clear. Here is its meaning. Because it is a complex set of letters, it would be helpful to try and solve it first. These clues will help to plan your solution. You can look at these hints if you haven’t solved the puzzle. Continue reading.

Hints & clues for Ovoid Wordle

Quordle offers additional clues and hints that will help you gain more information. As you move closer to the finish, you will find more. It’ll be easy to comprehend Quordle’s criteria in solving the puzzle. The clues to the word are:

  • Step 1: The word begins with a vowel. It ends in consonants.
  • Step 2: Start by writing the letter O.
  • Step 3 ends by the letter D.
  • Step 4: This is an egg-shaped object.
  • Step 5: middle letter O.

It will allow you to locate the Ovoid Wordle within the quordle results. We hope that you will find quordle very easy.


As we don’t get it in the Wordle, we conclude that the word “ovoid” can be easily solved in the Quordle. Some players were misled and were looking for the Wordle’s answer to this word. In reality, Quordle was the one who found the answer. We hope we have clarified all your doubts. We hope that you are now clear of all your doubts.

Did this post help in solving today’s Quordle problem? If so, let us know what you think about Ovoid Wordle. We are also available to assist you in the Quordle games.