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Is 2019 the end of recent pandemics? No. The problem is still widespread in every country. A new virus has now been discovered in the United States through a lettuce variety. E coli, an old disease, has already claimed the lives of millions. E coli is dangerous regardless of all the available medications. If you wish to protect yourself and your family from the most deadly virus, please read our Outbreak Romaine Lettuce article. Let’s continue our research.

The CDC Report

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that they are investigating an E. coli outbreak on the 19th of August 2022. It was reported in four states, and it caused at least 37 illnesses and 10 hospitalizations.

According to the Health Protection Agency, the cause of this outbreak has not been determined. It has been revealed that many people who became ill after eating hamburgers and sandwiches at Wendy’s restaurants in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan have also reported being served romaine lettuce.

Outbreak Romaine Lettuce E Coli: Records so far

The CDC believes the number of people affected by the virus could be higher than the 19 reported cases in Ohio, 2 in Pennsylvania, 15 in Michigan, and 1 in Indiana. Zero deaths have been reported as a result of the epidemic.

Take-out Wendy’s Restaurants

Wendy’s released a statement stating that it was “fully collaborating with public officials on their ongoing investigation” and had “removed romaine lettuce off the menu as a precautionary measure.” The Centre of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said they are still investigating to determine if the lettuce is to blame for the outbreak Romaine Lettuce & Coli. Wendy’s clarified the fact that the lettuce used in its salads and sandwiches is different from the lettuce used in its sandwiches.

The Investigation

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is no evidence that romaine lettuce purchased from other restaurants or grocery stores is linked to the epidemic. Despite this, Wendy’s is still recommended by the CDC.

The illnesses began on 26 July and ended on 8 August. The ages of those who became ill varied from 6 to 91. The CDC on Outbreak Romaine Lettuce E Coli states that three of the ten people who were hospitalized had suffered from renal failure.

Research by Reuters shows that there are approximately 1,100 Wendy’s locations across the four states.

The Final Statement

Wendy’s has removed the romaine lettuce from sandwiches in this area as a sign of prudential. Are you a believer that the steps taken are prudent? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

We urge you take preventive steps to avoid the Outbreak Romaine Lettuce and stay safe.