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Ottawa teen missing? According to reports, one Ottawa teenager was reported missing from France on Tuesday. The Canada people are concerned for the teen. This happened while the teen and three of his friends were on a nature hike.

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On Tuesday night, four friends set out on a nature hike at Montenvers (above Chamonix), France. According to reports, one teenager was separated from his friends. Authorities are still trying to find him. According to his friends he was found by another hiker at around 8:00 p.m. The authorities continue to search for the missing teenage boy. This news has blown up the internet and social media platforms regarding Ottawa Teenager Lost in French Alps .

Yassin Jouali, a 17-year-old boy, is the name and age of the boy who disappeared. People have been praying for Yassin’s recovery. His family and friends are also praying. Officials are collecting information from Yassin’s friends who were there on the day he disappeared. Although there are no visible signs of the missing teen, officials are on the lookout for him and will soon find him.

Ottawa Teenager Found Missing in French Alps

According to the news reports, a 17 year-old boy from Ottawa has been missing for a week. He and his friends were separated while going hiking. Yassin is being worried by his family and friends. People are talking about this story because it took so long and the authorities still remain empty-handed in this case. People are constantly searching the internet and social networks for the latest on Ottawa Teenager missing in French Alps.


This post is about Yassin Jouali from Ottawa. He was reported missing on Tuesday, and has yet to be found. According to reports, the teen went on a hike with three friends. However, he was separated from his group and has been missing since. For more information, visit social media. Call for more information about Ottawa Teenager missing in French Alps .

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